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Car Hire Shenyang International Airport

If there is one thing that cannot trouble you at Shenyang International Airport, it is transportation. You will get there by plane then get several ground transportation options waiting for your consideration at the terminals. To start with, there are car hire services on offer right at the terminals. You will get very many companies that are licensed to operate from the airport. They are trustworthy and reputable enough so you should not have reservations over the one you are seeking to engage. Even with that, it is extremely important that you understand what type of car rental you are going to work with.

Make sure you have secured the one with affordable rates. The good thing with hiring cars is that you will have all the space to store your luggage and they will take you to the exact destination including hotels. In some cases, most of the hotels in Shenyang have their own shuttles that pick visitors from the terminals. For that to happen, you must make prior arrangements with the hotel you have booked in and you will get a shuttle waiting for you at the Shenyang International Airport terminal. Alternatively, look out for taxis that operate at the terminals.

They are a good choice because you will negotiate with the driver to charge you fairly. The other alternative of public buses at Shenyang International Airport is not very good because they lack enough space to carry luggage, spend a lot of time on the road and are generally unreliable. Maybe, you can use them when there is no option or you have a weak budget since they are cheap.


As a first-time visitor to Shenyang, it will be important to understand the local climatic conditions to plan on your dressing. Generally, the climate around Shenyang International Airport and the whole city is continental and it’s influenced by monsoon. The seasons are big with huge variations and have very cold but dry winter. Summer seasons here are usually humid and hot.

Things to See

There are several attractions that are lined along streets from Shenyang International Airport and the whole city which you will get to see. The most popular things to see are:

  • Mukden Palace - this is a royal complex with a striking ancient architecture. If you are lucky to visit during summer, you will have the opportunity of enjoying an imperial procession that takes place on Saturday afternoons.
  • Zhaoling - Huang Taiji who was the second emperor of Qing was buried at this tomb together with his consorts. Many international visitors like visiting the tomb because of its blend for Chinese architecture and traditional Manchu.
  • Fuling - this is another tomb that dates back to the 17th century and will be a good place to visit. It is listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO.
  • Liaoning Provincial Museum - if you want to learn about the history of Liaoning from many centuries back, this museum has all that information for you to peruse through. There is a big collection of Chinese artwork at the museum.

Other Nearby Locations