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Car Hire Chengdu International Airport

You will enjoy the pleasure of being served by hospitable and well-trained staffers at Chengdu International Airport. That will be one of the reasons that will encourage you to visit China again. The other crucial aspect that makes this airport a darling of many visitors is elaborate and reliable transport services. The moment you arrive, you will be able to access the following transport services:

  • Shuttle buses- these have several major stops from where you can get one of the buses. One thing you should be careful about when seeking these buses is the route they operate. Some buses begin operating as early as 6am and other closes their business as late as 2200hrs.
  • Long-distance buses- from Chengdu International Airport, you can hire a car and get to the city center. From there, you will get to book a bus and these operate on long routes alone. You cannot have one moving within the city but they travel to far cities like Ziyang, Anyue and Yibin. Departure times differ from one bus to another and from one route to another same as price. For most routes, you will get tickets ready for purchase five days before the departure date.
  • Trains- the best thing with this transport service is that you will be able to book for tickets online. That means you will be able to secure yours even before leaving your country. All trains are divided into first class and second class with the former being more expensive. Choose the class to travel by depending on your budget. Make sure you have studied the time schedule of all trains to avoid being left behind.
  • Taxi- this is part of car rental services that you will get upon landing at Chengdu International Airport. They operate to different destinations like bus stations, railway stations and hotels around the airport and city center. The cost to incur will depend on distance to be covered but you can negotiate.


What would you want to use at Chengdu International Airport upon arrival? There are limitless facilities to make your transit more than memorable and they include:

  • Business center- you will get this at the departure section and services offered include fax and photocopying.
  • First aid clinics- emergencies happen without notice and the airport has taken care of that with these clinics. They are many and located strategically across the airport.
  • Duty-free shop- decoration items, perfumes, alcohol and tobacco are the main things on sale at the shop. You will enjoy cheaper prices.
  • Lounges- in both terminal 1 and 2, you will get VIP and first class seat lounges. They have TVs as well as reading materials like magazines and newspapers to keep you busy.
  • Banks- several banks like Bank of Chengdu and Bank of China have their branches at the airport.
  • Car parks- Chengdu International Airport has three parking spaces that are located in front of terminal 1. Rates vary depending on car size and time the car has been parked.

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