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Car Hire Chongqing Internatinal Airport

If you are visiting China from a different country, an airplane will be the only option for getting in through Chongqing International Airport. There are very many international flights that operate at the airport on a daily basis from different parts of the globe. Also, domestic flights use the airport for internal movements.


Chongqing International Airport is found approximately 21 kilometers from Chongqing in the northeastern parts. At the airport, you will get two main terminals that are in use. Terminal 1 is for international flights while terminal 2 is used for domestic flights. Every terminal has its separate facilities to enjoy.


As the plane gets you to Chongqing International Airport, you will have several other transport options to get you out of the airport and take you to different parts of the city. Other modes of transport can travel as far as distant cities.

  • Shuttle buses- they are found right at the airport and you can get them with ease from terminal 2. There are two main stops from which you can make a choice of the ideal one for satisfying your needs.
  • Train- in the city, you will get to use three main railway stations namely Chongqing Station, Chongqing North Station and Chongqing West Station. From the airport, you can access any of the stations by hiring a car. Trains have daily schedules to the city.
  • Buses- most of these buses ply long distances right from the city. You will get several buses in waiting to serve you. There are those that have hourly services from the city to Xian, Nanchong and Chengdu. The highways are good so you don’t expect to spend a lot of time travelling. If you go during rush hours, you might have to endure chaotic times.
  • Taxis- unlike in some other airports, these taxis are cheap to hire and you will get them operating on a 24-hours basis. This means you will secure one even if you touch down at Chongqing International Airport late into the night. Language can be a huge barrier since many taxi drivers are not well conversant with foreign languages. When making a choice, consider drivers who can understand your language.

Things to do

Once you have made your way from Chongqing International Airport and settled in your hotel room, take time to think about things to do in and around the city. These will keep you engaged especially during free time and they include:

  • Tour boat- a trip for one hour on Jialing as well as Yangtze rivers will be enough to spend free time. At night, you will be able to have breathtaking views of the skyline.
  • Cable car ride- this takes place on Yangtze River and one-way trip can take five minutes which is more than enough.
  • Cruises- taking a cruise on Yangtze River will take you to some of the pristine landscapes of China. This is the best opportunity for you to see the best scenery that the country can offer.

Other Nearby Locations