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Car Hire Harbin International Airport

From whichever destination that you are coming from, a plane will get you to Harbin International Airport which is one of the busiest in China. From there, you can choose one of the applicable ground transportation options to take you to any part of the country. The airport is located about 33 kilometers from the city center. To get there, you will have to hire a car from the terminal since several tour companies have set base there. Before making your final choice on the right one to engage, consider what all other service providers offer in relation to price. It will help you save costs.

There is the alternative of seeking out a taxi. Choose one that you are sure will reach the city center since some taxi drivers abandon passengers halfway. In case you are abandoned, don’t make any payment because it’s your right. The option of going for buses that ply public transport is available but not very recommended. A bus will not drop you to the hotel; you will not have enough space to keep your luggage while the time taken on the road is longer than usual because of many stops. You can only choose a bus as the last option.

Getting Around

Now that you have taxis and car rentals to get you out of Harbin International Airport, how do you get to other cities in China? The following options have the right answers to that:

  • Train - this city is served by three main stations namely East Railway Station, West Railway Station and Harbin Railway Station. Their locations are strategic for easy access from the airport while trains leave and arrive on scheduled times. That makes it easy to know when you can travel.
  • Long-distance buses - Nangang Bus Station is where you will get these buses and cover destinations in Heilongjiang Province, Liaoning Province and Jilin Province. If you choose to use long-distance buses, ensure you understand the routes very well not to get lost.
  • Sea - Port of Harbin is an inland harbor that serves a big part of the country. The best time to use this option is between April and November and you will get to even northeastern parts of the country.


  • Duty-free Shops - they are found at the restricted area around departures hall for international flights. You will get to buy local products at very low prices.
  • Restaurants - these have local cuisine that you can sample out and satisfy your stomach.
  • Airport Lounges - they are mostly used by passengers on transit to rest and are found at the departure halls. There are lounges for VIP passengers and others for normal passengers.
  • Information Desk - this is where you will get critical information that you need to grasp. If you have issues with your tickets or want to conform when your flight will be leaving, these desks are the right places for reference.
  • Check-in Counters - these counters are automatic and passengers use them to print out their boarding passes. They are found at the information desk.

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