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Car Hire Kunming International Airport

There is a lot that China offers to tourists and Kunming is one of the key attraction spots. Your tour of the country will be incomplete without getting to this city. And, how do you achieve that? Instead of using the longer routes, you should consider landing directly from your country at the Kunming International Airport. From there, you will not miss a way out and begin your exploration work. To start with, you will be greeted by an array of taxi operators who are always waiting for customers at the terminals.

It is good that you understand the person who is to offer you transport services. These are strangers so don’t engage anyone blindly but after studying their background and satisfied that they are well suited. Car hire companies will also not be very far from the terminals. These will be by far the best people to deal with regardless of the fact that they are expensive. They are always vetted and licensed legally so there is an assurance of getting the best services. If your budget does not allow for car hire services, there are public buses that are cheaper.

Shop freely

Right at the Kunming International Airport, you will come across a business center which has shopping facilities. Satisfaction of your shopping needs should begin there. As you get to the city center, you will come across even more advanced and well stocked shops to buy everything that you didn’t get at the airport. There are specialty shops for handcrafts, home products, clothes and decorations among other things which you will consider. Tea shops are very common and they sell pure tea in all corners of Kunming.

Locals believe that tea helps to cure complications like indigestion and inflammation as well as manage body cholesterol. That has made it very popular. Due to the widespread nature of the shopping spots across the city, it will be vital for you to hire out a car to take you to all areas. If the driver is good enough, you will be able to exhaust all the shopping opportunities available.

Moving around

Moving from one area to another for shopping or just seeing attractions will be easy in Kunming. The taxis and cars you get at Kunming International Airport will only drop you to your destination within the city center then return to the airport. You cannot rely on that for movements in the city but the following:

  • Train - Kunming Railway Station has a linkage to most of the cities in China and even beyond. It will be a reliable way to explore.
  • Buses - the bus system in this city is express and covers very many routes which include Beijing- Taiyuan-Xi’an- Chengdu –Kunming, Shanghai-Hangzhou – Nanchang – Zhuzhou – Guiyang – Kunming and Kunming – Hekou – Hanoi.

If you are an international visitor and want to drive yourself from Kunming International Airport, it will be very difficult. All road signs are written in Chinese language but hiring a taxi will be good since you will be driven. The driver can as well translate for you.

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