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Car Hire Hefei International Airport

The services you will receive at Hefei International Airport upon landing are incomparable to no other. Staffers are always hospitable while representatives of care hire companies are professional in their work. Possibly, hiring out a car to get you out of the airport will be a top priority for you. There will be nothing to worry about in regards to that. Some of the most reputable car rentals operate right at the terminals which you will have to consider first. Compare their services and choose the one that impresses you most.

In case you fail to secure the right car rental, there is the option of taxis that are operated by individuals. These are not very reliable because some drivers are cunning and unprofessional. However, you should conduct a background check on all taxi drivers to determine those that are suitable for your engagement. If this is ignored, you might choose a taxi driver who will not take you to your destination. Some hotels have their own shuttles operating from the airport but you must make advanced arrangements to be picked.

Regular bus trips available

To take their customer services even higher, Hefei International Airport has four shuttle bus lines that have regular trips to and from the place. They have over the years proven to be very reliable for visitors. Those that operate at the airport serve Hefei Bus Station between 6am and 2030hrs, Hefei Car Passenger terminal from 05:40 to 20:30, South Gate Transfer Center between 6am and 1800hrs and City Air Terminal between 6am and 1900hrs. The choice will all be yours to decide the one that you will use for transportation.

For many visitors, they consider car hire services to be very expensive thus run away from that. If you are one of them, there are very many public transport options to have a look at.

  • Taxis - these are not only used for private hire but public use as well. At Hefei International Airport, taxis for public transport are marked in orange, blue or green colors. The main difference with other taxis is that these can pick passengers on the way so you will not enjoy exclusivity.
  • Motorbikes - if you are unable to pay for car hire services, using a motorbike will be one of the best options and they are easy to get. You will get them most of the time stationed at intersections of busy roads. Even though they are not legally allowed to do public transport, people tolerate them.
  • Tuk-tuk - they are not allowed to gain entry into the city center but operate in the environs. They are very common but should be among the last options you consider.
  • Public buses - across the city, buses are the most common mode of transport so you can’t ignore that. Their prices are very low compared to other modes of transport but are not reliable. If you have luggage, using public buses is not recommended.

Generally, be assured of enjoying the best ground transport services once you choose to use Hefei International Airport as your entry point to China.

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