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Car Hire Hangzhou International Airport

At the Hangzhou International Airport terminals, you will enjoy a wide variety of services including car hire. These are very crucial for any traveler so it will be to your benefit once you choose the airfield as the entry point to China. At the entrance of gate 10 at arrival hall, you will get taxi services on offer and they mostly service Wulin Square, South Railway Station and Hangzhou Railway Station. Your journey to either of these destinations will range from 20 minutes to one hour.

When you have hired a taxi, you should be very careful because some drivers are not very sincere. A few of them pretend to be offering car hire services but in real sense they harbor sinister motives. Watch over your luggage and negotiate for a lower price with the driver. Some of them are very cunning and tend to overcharge visitors. Taxis are supposed to carry one person and his or her accomplices so don’t allow a stranger to share the same car with you. Joint trips are not allowed and in case it happens, it is your right not to pay the driver.

Apart from transport services at Hangzhou International Airport, key facilities to lookout for are:

  • Banks - Bank of China is located at gate 3 of the departure hall where you will satisfy all your banking needs. It operates from 9 am to 15:45 hours. If you arrive outside the official working hours of the bank, use ATM machines that operate for 24 hours. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of East Asia and Bank of Hangzhou are also available at the airport.
  • Restaurants - restaurants and coffee houses are in numbers at the airport and offer affordable services. They are located in and out of the terminals which is very strategic.
  • Smoking rooms - even though smokers are prohibited from doing their thing publicly, there are rooms designated for that at the airport. If you are a smoker, lookout for signs of such a room at the halls for both domestic and international departures.
  • Business Center - this center has services like fax, copying and typing and is located opposite gate 4 in the Yeasun Bookstore of the departure hall.
  • Police Office - this gives a security guarantee at Hangzhou International Airport. You will locate it at the security checkpoint 2F right at the terminal hall. It is on the right side.
  • Information desk - getting the right information is very critical at a busy place like Hangzhou International Airport. Up to three desks have been dedicated to serving passengers by offering all the important information which you should make good use of in case you are stranded.

Transit Guide

There are three types of transit services offered at this airport; international-international, international-domestic and domestic-domestic flight transfers. There are privileges to enjoy with any of these transit options that you must get to know about in advance. It will help you know how best to handle this issue once at the airport. For any movements at Hangzhou International Airport, always seek car hire services.

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