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Car Hire Guilin International Airport

When you touch down at Guilin International Airport, you will have more than you expected options to think about in regards to ground transportation. Getting from the airport to the city center and many other cities across China will be one of the easiest things to do. Some of the options are cheap while others are reliable and convenient. You will have a lot on your table to consider for movements within and without Guilin.

  • Air - this is definitely the only way to get to Guilin International Airport from other countries as an international visitor. The airport is located about 30 kilometers from the city center so you will require hiring a car upon arrival. With prior arrangements with a hotel, you will get a shuttle waiting to pick you up at the airport terminal.
  • Train - this is a transportation option that will come in handy when you want to get out of Guilin. China has a very extensive connection of railway system that will take you to farthest corners where buses can’t even reach. It will be a convenient and comfortable way to travel because the rail has high-speed links.
  • Buses - this is an alternative for journeys to both long distances and within the city. Intercity express coaches serve long distance passengers offering for stiff competition with trains. In making a good choice, you should do a comparison of the price offers and journey duration between buses and trains. In most cases, buses will have an edge for many reasons.
  • Cruise boats - this will be ideal for moving from the city center to Yangshuo. You can take up a boat at Li River but you should make arrangements in advance. The cruises are always on high demand.
  • Taxis - unlike many other cities in China, taxi services at Guilin are very affordable but that change depending on fuel prices. You should not allow a taxi driver to overcharge you but seek to negotiate with the driver. Alternatively, seek car rental services which might be expensive than taxis but are reliable and convenient. You will get such services right at the Guilin International Airport terminals.

In addition to these traditional modes of transportation in Guilin, there are unconventional ones that are as well good but only within the city. Motorbikes are used by people who would not put up with the cost of car hire. For those who don’t have money to even fuel bikes, there are bicycles as well as footing. The choice of ground transportation you choose after landing at Guilin International Airport should be in line with your needs to be satisfied.


There are very many etiquette measures put in place to make sure passengers behave well whether they are using buses, trains, planes or taxis. For instance, you cannot be allowed to smoke while on board any of the transport facilities. If you are an ardent smoker, you will have no option but to abide by such laws or else you will fall into deep trouble.

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