Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Car hire companies charge a fee for the late return of your car. How much the charge is will depend on how late you return the vehicle, and whether you notified them. Here we have a look at what to do if you're going to be late, and what th... [continue reading]

An immobilisation fee is charged by car hire companies when a vehicle is damaged and needs to be taken off the road for repairs to be carried out. The basic insurance cover included for the rental does not incorporate the immobilisation of ... [continue reading]

It is likely that you will be charged for breakdowns in a rental car, but it will depend on the circumstances and which rental company you are using. Often, you will need to take out additional cover, but even then, some charges may apply. [continue reading]

The price of hiring a car can change from one day to the next, both upwards and downwards. This can be because of demand, or even just the number of enquiries for certain dates. [continue reading]

When you're looking at car hire prices on comparison websites, you'll see a wide variety of prices for similar cars. But it's not just the base cost of the hire you need to take into consideration when you're searching for the best deal for... [continue reading]

There may be occasions when it is necessary for you to reserve and pay for a hire car for another person. You could be a secretary organising a business trip for your boss, or a parent helping your kids with their travel arrangements. [continue reading]