Great Driving Roads

10 of the Most Dangerous Roads in the World

When driving, you don’t only have to think of the vehicle you are driving, you also have to consider the road and the conditions surrounding that road. There are many things that can go wrong with a road; the structure, the maintenance, the... [continue reading]

North Yungas Road: Most Dangerous Driving Roads

The most dangerous road in the world can be found in Bolivia, in the western part of South America. Known among locals as La Carretera de los Yungas, the North Yungas Road has been called by the Inter-American Development Bank as the deadli... [continue reading]

Commonwealth Avenue: Most Dangerous Driving Roads

Many of the world’s deadliest roads are situated in high altitudes or remote locations, where the lack of government intervention, rehabilitation, or supervision can cause fatal road accidents. Commonwealth Avenue, located in the heart of Q... [continue reading]

Himalayan Roads: Most Dangerous Driving Roads

Located in India and Tibet, these roads are deemed as some of the most dangerous and deadliest of the world, mainly because they are built right into the face of the highest peaks in the world. [continue reading]

Guoliang Tunnel Road: Most Dangerous Driving Roads

In the early 1970’s, the villagers of Guoliang petitioned the government to build them a road that will connect them to the rest of the country. Their village was located on a steep mountaintop, and the only way for people to reach or leave... [continue reading]

Taroko Gorge Road: Most Dangerous Driving Roads

The Taroko Gorge is a must-see destination in Taiwan—located in a 19-kilometer long canyon in the east coast of the country, Taroko Gorge is just one of the eight national parks of Taiwan. [continue reading]

Strada delle 52 Gallerie: Most Dangerous Driving Roads

The Strada delle 52 Gallerie (Road of 52 Tunnels) in Italy is an interesting drive through the European country’s history. Built in 1917 by Italian soldiers and miners, the Strada delle 52 Gallerie at Monte Pasubio was a crucial element of ... [continue reading]

Halsema Highway: Most Dangerous Driving Roads

Many travelers proclaim that the Philippines is one of the best destinations in Southeast Asia. The country is made up of over 7,000 islands, each with its own charm. The largest island of this Southeast Asian archipelago, named Luzon, is h... [continue reading]

Skippers Canyon Road: Most Dangerous Driving Roads

Skippers Canyon in New Zealand should definitely be part of your trip. This breathtakingly beautiful gorge located north of Queenstown is one of the most amazing places in the region. In the latter decades of the 1800’s, Skippers Canyon was... [continue reading]

Fairy Meadows Road: Most Dangerous Driving Roads

Consistently ranked as one of the most dangerous roads in the world, the Way to Fairy Meadows in Pakistan will definitely scare off even the bravest and most skilled of motorists. Carved right on the face of the Nanga Parbat mountains (with... [continue reading]