Driving Rules & Regulations

Welcome to Elephant Car Hire's guide for driving in over 40 of the most popular countries in the world. If you are new to driving in a country, or if you have never read about what is and what is not allowed when driving, it is highly recommended to read our driving guide for the country you will be travelling to.

When you collect a car from one of our suppliers, they will provide you with a sheet identifying these rules, but don’t waste time on your holiday or business trip and familiarise yourself now. We want to make your trip more enjoyable and as hassle free as possible.

Our guides indicate the acceptable alcohol limits, the speed limits in a city and on a motorway, what you must do in the unfortunate event of an accident, which documents you must always carry and those all-important emergency contact numbers.

Select the country for are travelling to below and start reading the essential information.