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Car Hire Changsha International Airport

Getting to Changsha by air is the option for those visitors travelling from outside China. What about the moment you have landed at Changsha International Airport? This article will explore all the travel options you will have to consider upon landing. It is the ultimate guide to follow during your visit to this Chinese city through the airport. Having been built in 1986, this airport is very busy today serving visitors from different parts of the globe. Over 10 million passengers transit through the airfield annually.

That definitely means ground transportation services have to be the best all the time and Changsha International Airport has never frustrated.

  • Train - this is a transport option that many visitors prefer for moving around. The good thing with Changsha is that it’s well connected to many other cities across the country through an expansive railway system. Jingguang Railway which serves the whole country passes through this city with scheduled trains every day. It is a recommended way to explore cities in far areas of the country. You can hire a car at Changsha International Airport to a major train station in the city and pick up one. It is allowed to place ticket booking 18 days in advance while for online tickets; purchases are available 20 days before.
  • Long-distance buses - there are three inter-province freeways that serve the city which will make transport by bus easier. This is what helps to connect Changsha to several other cities across China. You will have nothing to lose by using Changsha International Airport as your entry point. From the airport, hire a car to take you to the city center and then catch up with the latest train to whichever destination you choose. All long-distance buses that leave the city’s three major stations go to the farthest points of China. East Bus Station, South Bus Station and West Bus Station will serve all your transport needs in the best way. They all have selected destinations so you should make choices depending on where you are heading to.

Whichever of the two options you choose, be informed that there are schedules to be followed. Don’t just come at anytime and expect to secure a train or bus to take you to any destination. You must make advanced arrangements for the right mode of transport you are to use. Know when the train or bus will be arriving at the station, when it leaves and how many will be available for the day. It will help you make proper arrangements. That will cushion you from last-minute frustrations that can dent your tour hugely.

For trains, it is strongly advised that you use agencies for ticket booking. That is a safe and secure way of getting the right bookings. Make sure you have considered the level of customer service offered by all the agencies before settling on the one that suits your needs satisfaction. Using these agencies will allow you to enjoy safeguards against being subjected to highly priced tickets. You can make enquiries after landing at Changsha International Airport.

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