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Car Hire Qingdao International Airport

The following information will be vital for you to grasp before travelling to China through Qingdao International Airport. It has everything to do with transport which remains to be a critical thing for travelers’ world over.


When you land at the airport, locate taxis on the underground garage parking lot at terminal T2. It is always a case of first come first served so you will be required to queue like any other person. The main types of taxis to get at Qingdao International Airport are deluxe charging 12 Yuan and ordinary charging 9 Yuan. If you are travelling to the city center, the charges will be determined by the meter with the exception of long distances.

This shuttle operates from airport to downtown and downtown to airport. They have a flat rate of 20 RMB as fare charges with the downtown destination being HNA Wanbang Center.


Parking garages at Qingdao International Airport accommodate coaches, minibuses, cars, tricycles and motorcycles. There are charges for the first 30 minutes as well as per day which vary from one car type to another. Furthermore, there is a standard tariff that visitors use for parking cars from the second day in a continuous manner. It looks very confusing so you need to study this structure and understand all the basics very well.

If you are travelling to downtown from Qingdao International Airport, you will have four main routes to use. Make sure you have chosen the one that will take you to the precise destination. They are Jiaozhou Bay Highway, Chongqing Road, Heilongjiang Road (308 Road) and Qingyin Highway (Charges). You should not take a route that will require you walk for long distances after alighting to reach where you are headed to.


This is a transport option at Qingdao International Airport which combines both ground and air travelling. It was necessary for the airport since their flights now reach 28 cities with a total of 107 departures on a daily basis.

  • Brand Effect - this one has total reliance on resources at the airport to implement unified security, unified inquiry, unified ticket and unified departure.
  • City Effect - the bus station at Qingdao International Airport has lines opened to service Rizhao, Weifang, Huangdao and Jiaozhou. It makes bus transport services at the airport much reliable.
  • Synergistic Effect - with this, key departments at the airport work in unity in the effort to satisfy customers. Departments of transportation management, security and transport enterprises have come up with a way through which to work closely in enhancing the experience of travelers.
  • Catalytic Effect - the management of Qingdao International Airport has strived to enhance business at the bus terminal through making sure new opportunities for development are created.
  • Talent Effect - it is one of the main focus for this airport to develop more and mote talents. Through that, they are always looking for opportunities that can incorporate new talent to the management structure and improve general standards.

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