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Car Hire Nanjing International Airport

Nanjing just like many other Chinese cities offers a lot of attractions for visitors to tour. As an international visitor, you must first get in through Nanjing International Airport which will welcome you warmly to the country. You will be pleased to note that car hire services on the ground are what you will be expecting. Tour companies operate in a very professional way and their customer services are reliable. Their representatives will always be ready to serve you and their services run for 24 hours.

With Nanjing International Airport, you will not have to get worried when your flight is scheduled to touch down at night. There will be car operators at the terminal to offer you transport services. The only downside of hiring cars at night is that prices are usually inflated. This is because most of the operators have grounded their cars. For the few left standing, they take advantage of high demand against low supply for car hire services to inflate charges.

Things to See

After you have settled down to your hotel room, you should start thinking of where to spend your free time exploring the city. The following attractions will definitely keep you busy. Since they are far apart, you should think of hiring a car to take you through in a stress-free way.

  • City Wall of Nanjing - this wall built by Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang in the period between 1368 and 1398 is a top attraction for tourists visiting the city. More than 200, 000 laborers were involved to complete the project that took 21 years.
  • Confucius Temple - tourists frequent this museum because it has a lot of history well preserved and you should not be an exception. Inside, there is a Confucius sculpture which you can take a memorable photo with.
  • Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall - this hall was established in memory of Chinese people who were killed by Japanese troops during the World War II. There are two mass graves that hold remains of the victims and a visit there will give you an image of how terrible the massacre was then.
  • Zifeng Tower - this is the highest standing building in Nanjing at a height of 450 meters and has 89 floors. Scale up to the 72nd floor and make good use of the public observatory to see the best of Nanjing’s scenery. You will have to pay an entrance fee to access the observatory.
  • Jiming Temple - there are very many temples in Nanjing but this one mesmerizes tourists because of its immense popularity. Its convenient location within the city attracts many visitors.

Getting Around

To move from one attraction site to another, you will need to hire a car which is expensive. That is a preserve for people with a good budget. If that is not your class, there are other options to consider and fit in to your budget. They include metros, buses, taxis and bicycles. For taxis, negotiate with drivers for a lower fare while footing is an option where attractions are near to each other.

Other Nearby Locations