The Tunnel of Love, Ukraine : Make Your Wishes Come True

Very few places on earth claim to be able to make the wishes of couples come true. One of them is the Tunnel of Love in Ukraine. It is said that when couples make a wish in the Tunnel of Love, their wishes will come true if their love was real and this is one of the reasons why lovers from all over the world trek to Ukraine.

If you’re single, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to witness the beauty of nature mingling with the works of man.

Tunnel of Love
Soure: flickr/Kashif Pathan


The Tunnel of Love is actually a 1 km stretch of railway that connects the town of Klevan to the Orzhevsk Woodworking Plant, which is around 3 km away. The railroad had not been used for quite some time and nature naturally took over. Trees grew on both sides of the railroad and their branches provided a sort of canopy, thus creating a tunnel.

When to Go

The locals claim that the best time to visit the Tunnel of Love is during spring, summer, or autumn. This is when the beauty of the surrounding area really stands out. However, this place is also captivating during winter, so if this is the only time you can go, the Tunnel of Love will still be a beautiful sight.

The local government has plans to create a Romantic Tourist Train in the near future. This would indeed be a romantic ride, even it is only a kilometer long.

How to Get Here

You can visit the Tunnel of Love and tour the surrounding areas via a private car, tour group, or even by helicopter. If you plan to stay there for some time with your family, you may also want to hire a Motorhome, complete with all the living necessities you’ll need.

You will first need to reach Klevan. If you’re coming from Kiev, Klevan is about 350 km away. There are buses and trains that travel to Klevan on a regular schedule so if you prefer not to drive, then those public forms of transportation would be the best choice.

If you want, you can experience the whole area by air. Some tour operators offer helicopter rides from Kiev to Klevan and the Tunnel of Love. The trip there will take around 3.5 hours.

More Photos

Tunnel of Love
Soure: flickr/pwrgrl09bc
The Tunnel of Love in Autumn

Nearby Places to See

Although the Tunnel of Love is the main attraction in Klevan, you may also want to visit other attractions too. There’s the Church of the Annunciation, the ruins of Kevlan Castle, and the Church of Nativity, built in 1777.

Klevan has a very interesting history as it was occupied by the Soviets and then the Germans during the Second World War. The town initially had a Jewish community, but they were either driven away or exterminated during the war. You can learn a lot about the history of Klevan if you take the time to chat with the locals. You never know, you might even get more information than just reading a tourist guidebook about Klevan.