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Car Hire Kiev Airport

Are you a fan of Eastern European travel? Do you want to go to a Ukrainian city with loads of history and culture? Are you into old world history? Then, Kiev is the city for you to visit. Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and Ukraine’s second largest city. The city has large involvements with industry, science, technology, education and culture. Kiev is a high-tech industry with many high tech companies headquartered in the city. It is a former Russian state. And, Ukraine has declared its independence in the Russian Revolution during the late 1910s. Ukraine was occupied during the Second World War by Nazi Germany in the 1940s. If you are looking for cheap car hire Kiev Airport then compare prices with us.

Having a humid continental climate, Kiev’s temperatures are warm from May to September. The city has currently ten raions (districts), seven on the right bank and three on the left bank. The Drupier River divides Kiev to the right bank and left bank areas. The current population is around 2. 7 million people. Kiev is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine, founded around fifth century A. D. Eastern Orthodox Christianity is the country’s official religion. You can see a show in Kiev’s Opera House, October House, and National Philharmonic of Ukraine. Some of the sports that Ukraine offers is football (soccer). Ukraine has three football teams, Dyano Kyiv, Arsenal Kyiv, and FC Oblon Kyiv. The Dyano Kyiv has had the most success of the three. Kiev has also an ice hockey team. The city also has a basketball team, BC Kyiv. The transportation that Kiev has is air, bus, train, and railway. The Kiev-Zhuliany Airport is one of the two airports in the city. When you arrive to the airport, you can rent a car or call a taxi. You have to be at least twenty-five years or older to rent a car. It would be wise if you get insurance for your car, just in case if you have an accident.

Don't hesitate about exploring the local area and book your car hire Kiev Airport with us today.

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