10 of the Most Remarkable Skylines around the World

There are many tall buildings constructed in different parts of the world as human beings strive to have the best views of the landscape. They might not have been constructed with this in mind, but they offer some of the best skylines.

Cities across the globe have been competing to see which houses the tallest building, and in the process drawing in more tourists. Actually, many people visit some of these cities to have an experience of the skylines. For that reason, this article will touch on the world’s ten most remarkable skylines.

Shanghai, China

Soure: flickr/gags9999

This is in China where you will get to enjoy some of the best skyline views. This city has been expanding very fast in line with the country’s rapid economic growth. There, you will get some of the tallest buildings in the country and their views of the skyline are breath-taking and memorable. The skyline here is more futuristic and one that you cannot afford to miss out on. The Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower is fully spotted with LED lights and it’s the standout landmark you will get to see.

Paris, France

Soure: flickr/Moyan Brenn

In France, you will be able to enjoy some remarkable skyline views when touring this city. It is home to the iconic Eiffel Tower that rises out majestically on the city’s background. It is actually one of the most easily recognizable skylines, not only in France but world over. Apart from the tower, there are many other landmark in Paris that will give you quality skyline views.

London, England

Soure: flickr/Davide D'Amico

This is literally the home to some of the tallest buildings in the world that have very breath-taking skyline views. The notable ones are the London Eye, the Parliament Building and St. Paul’s Cathedral. They have very unique features that make tourists visit London every year. You will get the most wonderful experience of the London skyline at night, when the city is fully illuminated.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Soure: flickr/Stanislav Sedov

This is a Brazilian city with some tall buildings to guarantee you remarkable skyline views. You will have a big pool of choices to make where you deem suitable for your experience. Additionally, there is the Christ the Redeemer Statue which overlooks the entire city to make the skyline magnificent. What about Sugar Loaf Mountain? It defines the city’s background in a very beautiful way. This city overlooks Guanabara Bay which adds more value to the skyline.

Sydney, Australia

Soure: flickr/Ryan Wick

This Australian city is another spot across the world where the skyline view is remarkable. You must have heard of the Sydney Opera House and it the most notorious landmark found in this city. From its highest point, you will be able to enjoy viewing the skyline in a way you have never done before. The skyline in Sydney is among the most famous across the globe thus your experience there will be incomparable to no other. The best views of the skyline are achieved from the central business district because you will have an offshore positioning.

Tokyo, Japan

Soure: flickr/François Rejeté

Enjoying the Tokyo skyline is one of the many things you will be able to do when in Japan as a tourist. This city is considered to be the strongest financially in the whole of Asian continent and that is reflected in the type of buildings constructed. The number of people in this city is more than most of the glamorous cities of the world have and you will see that well reflected in the skyline.

Toronto, Canada

Soure: flickr/paul bica

Canada is not left out in the list of top ten skylines of the world. In Toronto, the skyline is well dominated by the CN Tower which has a very unique shape and offers good views of the skyline. Standing at 553 meters tall, this tower sits over Lake Ontario to offer fascinating views. This is one of the skylines that you will not have difficulties in identifying and you will be stunned by the height of some buildings defining the city.

New York City, USA

Soure: flickr/Aurelien Guichard

This American city has a record 48 buildings that are more than 200 meters high. These skyscrapers will definitely offer you the views you have ever yearned for from skylines. The buildings are diverse in addition to being highly packed which will guarantee you of the best experience. America has many splendid cities but New York City is way ahead of the rest when it comes to viewing the skyline.

Shenzhen, China

Soure: flickr/Yida Xu

This is a Chinese city that has everything wonderful to do with skylines. The views there are breath-taking and one of what every tourist will be looking for. It is remarkable how Shenzhen developed having been a deserted fishing ground in the 1970s. The busy metropolis is today a hub of activities with more than 6 million people living there. The good thing is that the city’s skyline has been expanding in tandem with the growing population which will benefit you as a tourist. Whilst you are there, you could also pop over the border into Hong Kong and view its skyline and daily light show. It too is amazing, but it just missed out on our top 10.

Dubai, UAE

Soure: flickr/Michaela Loheit

It is always difficult believing that Dubai in the United Arab Emirates actually sits in a desert. This place is magnificent and a hub for tourists who go there to mostly shop. In addition to that, it has a remarkable skyline that will leave you mesmerized. It is home to some of the tallest in the world buildings constructed using modern architecture.

The skyline in Dubai is very young but at the same time it’s unique in its own way. You can compare it with very few in the world, some of which have been well established for centuries. Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and is found in Dubai. Its height measures 829.8 meters which undoubtedly defines the local skyline.

Many people take skylines to be reflected on tall buildings but there is more to that. Some cities have water masses sitting within their locations which add to the beautiful scenery while others have monuments and statues. When looking for a remarkable city to enjoy the best skyline, ensure you have considered all these without any form of discrimination. It’s the best way to make an informed choice.