Top 8 Best Budget Destinations for 2013

Top 8 Best Budget Destinations for 2013

Eager to travel this year? Don't let your limited budget stop you. Here are the most pocket-friendly destinations this 2013.


India, especially the southern region, has many cheap places that you can visit on a tight budget. In fact, it’s so cheap you’ll hardly believe you got the exchange rate right. Accommodations usually range between $10 to $20 a night, and the famous Indian lunch meal – the thali – will cost you only $1.20. Need a cup of coffee? You can actually get one for just 20c.


Cambodia has become quite popular among tourists of late. With the world’s economy in an erratic state, the country has plenty of inexpensive treats to offer, such as a restored French colonial district, free walking tour maps that help you explore the city best, and many less-visited parts that are delightful to see but are easy on the pocket.

Bolivia, South America

The best-value destination in South America is definitely Bolivia. They have the cheapest public transport in the continent, a plethora of satisfying street food, and plenty of places to see that don’t require a lot of money. In fact, while there, you can spend just $30 per day enjoying yourself to the full. You do have to spend a little getting there, though.

Portland, Oregon, USA

The cheapest destination in the US is definitely Portland. There are many things you can do there for free, and the food is also cheap. In fact, with over 40 breweries, you can get the best beer in town for just $4.


Want to go and see the Alps this year? You don’t have to splurge on a trip to Switzerland if your budget does not permit it. Instead, go and enjoy the picture-perfect but so much more affordable sights in Slovenia.


Poor but sexy – this phrase is often used to describe Berlin. It may be a western European capital, but the city is surprisingly cheap. There are plenty of cool little bars that charge very little for a meal and some beers, as well as attractions that are free to enjoy. The public transport is also very affordable.


Want to go on a safari adventure? While most of the African safari destinations are quite heavy on the pocket, Namibia is completely different. Here you can enjoy the Skeleton Coast, the Etoshia National Park, and the Fish River Canyon, which, although considered as big-ticket destinations, are easily manageable for the budget traveler.

Rio de Janeiro

If you’ve always had plans to go to Rio de Janeiro, 2013 is the best year to go ahead and do so. While it’s definitely not as cheap as the rest of the destinations on this list, well, Rio is now pretty cheap today compared to how much it will cost once the big events come. We’re talking about the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016. So before these major events come and hike up the prices in Rio, take advantage of the relatively quiet 2013 to enjoy this famous destination.