10 of the Best Places to Watch Sunset

Have you ever wished to experience the best sunset views in the world. That dream may not have be realized as of yet because you have never sacrificed your time and finances to travel across the world. If you decide to tour the globe, you will definitely come across a number of the great places to watch sunset, some of which you may never have heard about.

It is time you opened up your world and these top ten can give you a leeway for your mission accomplishment.

Stonehenge, England

Soure: flickr/Nicola Jones

This place in England is a perfect spot where sunset views are always stunning. Despite the mystery surrounding its origin, you will enjoy some very spectacular sunset views on a clear day which attract thousands of tourists every year. The gigantic stones will give you impressive views of not only the sunset but sunrise too, thus you can’t afford to miss out on this one. Your tour of England will never be the same again once you get the opportunity to view sunset at Stonehenge.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Soure: flickr/mendhak

Angkor Wat is in Cambodia and stands out as among the oldest and most beautiful sites in the whole of Asian continent. You might not get the real value of the site during the day until night sets in. It is very good for tourists offering close to thirty vantage points where the sunset can be viewed and you will experience the turning of colors to signal change from day to night. Very attractive colors including orange are seen and you will be in for a wonderful treat ushering in the night.

Tahiti, French Polynesia

Soure: flickr/Tim Moffatt

This island in the southern pacific has attracted millions of people including photographers who rush to get the best shots of the sunset. You need to be at this place in the transition period from daylight to night where you will experience the dramatic change firsthand. The hills and palm trees that are the notable features at the island will all turn colors and offer beautiful scenery.

Grand Canyon, USA

Soure: flickr/Todd Petrie

The Grand Canyon is a top tourist attraction in the United States and its sunset views are wonderful to experience. Visitor turnout at this site is always high so you will have to select the viewpoint where your sunset views will not be interrupted. Hopi Point, Desert View and Yaki Point are some of the top viewing points to experience the gradual changing of colors right from the sunset deep into the darkness.

Nile Valley, Egypt

Soure: flickr/Kyle Taylor

You have to visit Egypt personally for you to have the kind of experience that the Nile Valley offers when it comes to sunset. Thebes Mountains ensure that the sunset views are the best you can experience globally and that can be enhanced by taking a boat ride on River Nile. Any point along the Nile is perfect for watching the sunset with ideal time to begin the adventure being late in the afternoon. It ensures that your views are consistent all along.


Soure: flickr/Maureen Didde

This is an African country known to have diverse types of wildlife and there is no better time to enjoy that than during sunset. You can spot waterholes where these animals go to drink water in the late afternoon and safari lodges have been established. The lodges have viewing decks which offer the perfect sunset views without much straining. The Great Rift Valley and Masai Mara National Reserve are the ideal places to capture the best sunset views because their horizons are wide and endless.

Sahara Desert

Soure: flickr/Christopher L

You will get the best views of the sunset from Algeria and Libya which are the main countries that this desert covers. You will come face to face with a breathtaking nightfall where the sun is seen sinking in the rear of the sand dunes. If you have a camera to capture that scenic view of the sunset the better but still you can have it recorded in your brain. You will always cherish spending your nights in the Sahara so take maximum benefits from your maiden tour.

Promthep Cape, Thailand

Soure: flickr/Vibin JK

This is a must-visit place when in Thailand to experience what beautiful sunset views are made of. The sunsets here are heavenly since the viewpoint overlooks Andaman Sea. During the day, you can go snorkeling but be back on time to capture the sun as it sinks past the coral reefs and palm trees. A picture says a thousand words and this one will definitely say more than that.

Atacama Desert, Chile

Soure: flickr/A. Duarte

When in Chile, you will need to visit this desert and see for yourself how the sun sets and the glowing stars at night. You will not notice the cold night setting in thanks to the colorfully lit skies at the sunset. You will also get the opportunity to view the moon as it rises in the darkness which eventually heightens your experience. More perfect views can be captured from the El Taito geysers since the sun is seen clearly sinking past the sand dunes gradually. This is the highest geyser of the world so you can picture out the type of views to experience.


Soure: flickr/Anja Pietsch

Africa has a lot of sunset viewpoints to offer the world and Tanzania fits in very well. Its proximity to Kenya makes it a good consideration even when touring the whole of the east African region. This is the home to Mount Kilimanjaro and Serengeti National Park which allows visitors to capture sunset views as sun rays set off amidst herds of animals and acacia trees. Barafu Camp on the mountain is a good viewing point where you will see the sun setting into a sea of clouds. It is even more rewarding to climbers who get the best sunset shots from vantage positions atop Mount Kilimanjaro.

Visiting these places will be the best way to experience the sunset that is different from the normal.