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Car Hire Siem Reap International Airport

As an international tourist, Siem Reap International Airport would be your first choice when enter Cambodia. It is because this airport is closer to Angkor Wat - a popular tourist attraction. Mostly people hire rental cars from the airport and nearby car companies for their vacations. Normally things go very smoothly and on returning your car at the end of the vacations is not an unhappy moment. However, what you will do if your car gets into some kind of trouble, like an accident? These are the moments of tension. If you are not mentally prepared to tackle this kind of situation, you might ruin your whole trip. This article will concisely guide you about handing and prevention of this situation.

It starts from the very first moments, when you are thinking of hiring a car from Siem Reap International Airport or any other place near this airport. You must consider a few of the following things before finalizing the deal.

  • You have your insurance that can compensate the car breakage due to any accident.
  • You have anti-theft insurance.
  • You have proper ID cards, and license to drive your car in this city. It is because, if you don’t have a license, and you get into some kind of accident, you will be in serious legal troubles.
  • You have checked your car that it is working properly, and not damaged previously. If you notice anything unusual, notify the company before taking the control of the car.
  • Don’t finalize the car before taking a test drive, which will get you an idea of its mechanical soundness.

Once you have followed these steps, you will have to less worry in case of any accident or damage done to the rental car during your custody.

What to do after an accident?

Immediately report back to the company and your insurance company. If you delay it, you might get in some legal troubles. Moreover, you are not there to stay forever, you need to clear your name before leaving this city.

Keep in mind

Most of the car insurance companies don’t include the damage of the windows, side mirror, interior, etc. in the compensatory list. Therefore, you must be careful, even after you have breakage compensatory insurance with you.

Drive this car like it is your own. If you take it as some random rental car, you will not be that careful as you would be. Lastly, even you have all kinds of insurance and backups, don’t allow anyone else to drive this car, especially your underage kids, because they will be more reckless while driving it.

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