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Car Hire Brazil

Brazil has been a major tourist attraction over the passage of time. It has got a number of tourist spots and you are advised to spend at least fifteen days to have a proper knack of the place. As far as the perfect time of the year is concerned, December to March is considered to be idealistic. June, July are also good months but in this case you would have to visit more cities than others, while the other way round if it is December to March trip.

Festivals to attend

Brazil is often attributed to a large number of events and festivals it has got to offer to its tourists. To begin with, if you are visiting it in June, Boi-Bumb festival is one to watch out for. It is organized in Parintins. Carnival is a weekly event arranged on the onset of every holiday. Great deal of Brazilian culture is reflected in Carnival in particular, and almost all other festivals.

Hotels to stay

The state-run hotels are far more economical alternate. If you wish to stay in the private hotels, going for the world-chains is the best way to go. The Sheraton hotel, along with PC offer great prospect to the tourists, not only in terms of excellent service, but also in relation with circumspect rates.

The Beaches

Brazilian beaches in general and the ones in Rio de Janeiro in particular are ostensibly the best to visit while you are in Brazil for vacations. However, be assured that you are prepared to take on the nude beaches, and if not, check out that the one you are visiting is a non-nude beach. Deep swimming is Brazilian beaches is considered illegal unless you have the special allowance.

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