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Car Hire Belem Airport

Also referred to as a Val de Caes airstrip, the airport was constructed to serve the city of Belem in Brazil. The airstrip is located within Val de Caes and connects both local and international flights. It is a key gateway for tourist to enjoy the great attractions the town has to offer.

You can also be part of the entourage that enjoys these sites come holiday season. When you land at Belem airport, insist on getting a personal car rental as opposed to travelling in a bus shuttle. Handling your own transport means you can leave the hotel whenever you want and you are not tied to any schedule.

The Best Places to Visit in Belem

The last thing you need is being confined within a schedule when there is so much fun to have in Brazil. Having secured a convenient car rental, here are some great places you will find interesting and even get you nostalgic.

  • Café Imaginario - since you cannot go hungry while in Belem, why not make your mealtimes a fun experience as well. Café Imaginario is known to welcome tourists to the town in the heartiest manner. This is in the form of their mouthwatering slices of Pizza; they use a special ingredient called Jambu that will make your tongue pop!
  • Estacao das Docas - this was an old harbor that was renovated into a modern art center to attract tourist. So you are pretty sure you will find great pleasure in viewing the culture, art and leisure activities that go on there. This is also a center for gastronomy where you can learn all you want about the authentic cuisines of Brazil. They even have six restaurants within the premise in case you walk out of the art center with a heighten appetite.
  • Praca de Repulbica - this choice spot is perfect to spend a day in, especially on a Sunday when there are lots of stuff happening. Mobile food vendors, musicians and small shops all converge here during Sundays. Moreover, this also the point where a statue is erected that celebrates Brazil’s birth as a nation. If you like French items, there are a couple of kiosks within the area that will interest you.
  • Port of Belem - this is a nice exciting trip on the sea on a boat. It’s a tour that will see you spending close to 5days on the water enjoying the sceneries. Definitely worth it on your last days in Brazil.

Belem town is rich in culture and a history persevered for the people’s identity and also for the pleasure of entertaining tourists. Get a car rental to enjoy the experience better.

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