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Car Hire Sao Paulo Guarulhos Airport

Sao Paulo Guarhulhos airport connects local and international tourists coming to enjoy the beauty of Brazil. The airport serves the town of Sao Paulo and its environs opening up the town to travelers from all continents.

At the airport, there are plenty of car rental options ranging from the cheap salons to expensive and luxurious vehicles like Range Rovers or Mercedes. No matter what budget you are working with, you can’t miss a suitable car hire to serve you while in Brazil.

Fun activities in Brazil

You can never lack something fun to do in Brazil. Besides the colorful carnival lined with beautiful damsels, Sao Paulo also houses an array of attractions worth your time.

  • Hopi Hari - theme parks have become a common scenario, globally and Hopi Hari is Sao Paulos version. The park was named so after it was renovated by the Warner Bros Company via the partnership of Hopi Hari himself this amusement park is filled with scary mummies, imitation of the American Wild West, representation of Brazilian main streets and of course…lots of junction. This is a place your kids will thank you for!
  • Edifice Copan - don’t miss out on this building when you go out hunting for high points in the city. This building is 140 meters tall and was completed in the year 1966. A climb to the top will give you an unforgettable view of the Sao Paulo skyline. Make sure you have a camera with you.
  • Latin America Memorial - this is an area of mixed activities; it functions as a cultural and political center. To the tourists and locals looking to spend free time, it functions as a leisure hub with an auditorium that hosts several theatrical acts from all over Brazil. The architecture was by the talented Oscar Niemeyer.
  • Museu Paulista - the function of this museum is to preserve the history of Sao Paulo right from when the revolution led by Emperor Pedro occurred to bring independence to the country. This place houses all the information you need about the Emperor as it was designed to commemorate him as well besides housing valued historical and cultural content.
  • Pico do Jaragua - this is a great place to wind up as it gives you a great view of Brazil from over 1135m in the air. Pico do Jaragua is the highest point in Brazil and is quite a scenic spot for the landscape photographer.

There is plenty to see and enjoy once you depart from Sao Paulo Guarulhos Airport. A car rental will get you faster to these attractions.

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