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Car Hire Brasilia Airport

Are you flying into Brasilia Airport? The first thing you need to look for is a car rental that will take you around the town. There are lots of attractions in Brazil that you need to see and one way to make that happen is by ensuring your complete freedom of movement.

As you rent a car, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. One, make sure you one hire your car from a company that is credible for its services. Secondly, the vehicle you find parking at the airport should have a full insurance policy cover; you don’t want to be stopped in a foreign country and get into trouble. Lastly, make sure some of the car basics are working like starting without problems, headlights are working, seat belts are intact and so on.

Attractive Spots in Brasilia

Brasilia is located on the country sides of central western Brazil. The town’s location puts it in close proximity to some of the best attractions the country has to offer. There are plenty of things to see and enjoy both within and outside the town. Here are a few that will interest you.

  • Lake do Paranoa - this is an artificial lake built along the Paranoa river. Stretched out in a circumference of 80km, the lake is praised for its warm pristine shores and a scenic surrounding fit, form a romantic walk, interesting photo concepts or just relaxing and watching the waves.
  • Itamaraty Palace - this is the quarters of the Brazilian Ministry of External Relations. The building was a grand work of Oscar Niemeyer, who gave the building some amazing artistic features. The building is always open for viewing in the afternoon so you can swing by in your car rental and be wowed by the architecture.
  • Itiquira Falls - it is going to be quite a drive in your car hire to get to these falls. But once you are there, your efforts will pay off because in front of you will be the most beautiful waterfalls you have ever seen.
  • Brasilia TV Tower - this tower is a good point to view a magnificent skyline of the Brazilian capital. When it was completed in 1967, it only stood 218m to the air. However, more renovations were made in 1987 and today you can view the capital from a height of 224m.

Brasilia is a beautiful town to sight-see with a convenient car rental. Make sure you visit more attractions that make the city famous.

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