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Car Hire Sao Luiz Airport

Sao Luiz airport is an international airport that was contrasted to serve the town of Sao Luiz and its environs. It is located about 15km from the main town and receives thousands of tourists annually. This town is great to visit during peak season when the weather is right and lots of activities to indulge in. Once you land at the Sao Luiz airport, two things you need to organize for are your hotel room and a car rental. Within the airport there are plenty of automobile leasing company that will give you a good rate. There are plenty of hotels around the town with good room service and amenities for rates as low as $52.

Places to Visit in Sao Luiz

There is so much to see and enjoy once you arrive in this town. From breathtaking landscapes on the coastal sides to beautiful handmade items sold in city shops, you just can never come out of this place without something to smile about.

  • The City of Beautiful Tiles - you may have seen a tiled house before, but this city redefines the beauty of the tiles. Known locally as Azulejos, the tiles mined here are out of this world. They graced the wholes and floors of almost every building you come across in the town.
  • The old Slave Market - this was a market that was existent in Brazil’s long forgotten past. However the memories of the cruel human trade that went on in this market cannot be forgotten. The town has preserved this place as it was before; complete even with how narrow the windows were for anyone to jump through. This historical site, serves as a reminder of how wrong slave trade was and still is.
  • Bar’e Criola Restaurante - part of enjoying the Brazilian culture is in indulging in their local delicacies. Bar’e Criola Restraurante will get you acquainted quite well especially with their lunchtime specials. After the delicious meal you can quench your thirst with a cold, locally made cocktail juice.
  • Alcantara - this was an old 16 century town that once belonged to the Portuguese, lost to the French through and repossessed by the Portuguese once more. The town has managed to preserve its building to date and the locals have also maintained their culture and tradition. You just need to drive down to the coastline and get a boat ride to the historical town.

Sao Luiz airport is your portal to entering this Brazilian town which promises the best attractions you can imagine.

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