10 of the Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Brazil

Until 2014 when Brazil played host to the FIFA World Cup, not many people knew that this country is a top tourism spot of the world. The global showpiece was able to showcase some of the best things in the cities that hosted the world cup and opened up popular beaches to all eyes around the world.

Now that you are aware of the country’s rich tourism value, it is time to know about some of the beautiful places you can visit. Remember the country will also host the Olympic Games in 2016 which will surely push it up the tourism radar.

Rio de Janeiro

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One striking thing with this city is its animation which makes it very exciting for tourists. In the whole of the South American continent, this is the city that records the highest number of visitors every year. That has been attributed to the presence of beaches, landmarks, mountains and carnival festivals that make Rio de Janeiro lively all year round. The harbor that is located in this city is among the biggest in the world which is a key factor that draws many tourists from across the world.

Lençóis National Park

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You will come across this national park in the southern parts of the country and it’s a true gem for tourists. You will feel like you never want to leave because of its location in a desert. Sand dunes form during dry seasons and collect water in rainy seasons to form attractive lagoons. You will get to see many types of fish in these lagoons. All that aside, it is the plain contrast created between clear lagoons and white sand dunes that makes this place appealing to tourists and a must-visit place in Brazil.


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This was the very first capital city of Brazil in the colonial times so you will get to see some historical things. In both North and South America, it ranks high among the oldest towns that have been well preserved to date. Brazilians refer to this place to be full of happiness because of the limitless outdoor parties organized there as well as street carnivals that are regarded to be among the world largest. The historical and cultural value of this town is one that you must sample during your visit to Brazil.

Foz do Iguacu

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This city is very safe and big as per the standards of Brazilians. It is the main entry point to the famous Iguazu Falls which is a top natural wonder not only for the country but whole world. By going to this town, you will have kick started the journey of seeing some very wonderful waterfalls that are found along the Iguazu River. The falls are breathtaking and will offer you some spectacular views along the border of Argentina and Brazil. Take time to see some of the exotic wildlife and lush forests that define the local landscape.


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This place is located in the northwestern parts of the country and many tourists prefer touring it because of proximity to the Amazon rainforest. It is the main gateway to the forest and it’s among the biggest cities of Brazil. The rubber industry is flourishing at this place which has contributed heavily to its growth over the years. The Rio Negro Palace and the Opera House are the well-known landmarks that you will get to see here.


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You will come across many bridges and waterways once you visit this place in the Pernambuco state. In the northeastern coast of the country, this is a very important destination for tourists as it sits within tropical rainforests that have limitless rivers and islands. The stunning scenery, beaches, striking architecture and lively culture are some of the things that draw tourists to Recife.


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This is a real paradise for tourists where you get to see waterfalls, tropical forests and coastal mountains among several other attractions. It sits on the green coast off Rio de Janeiro and the bright green sea creates beautiful scenery for tourists to see. It is no wonder that tourists have been trooping there in large numbers every year. It was colonized by the Portuguese so you will rarely get people there communicating in any other language. Nothing makes Parati lack the value that tourists are always looking out for.


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This is the place to visit in Brazil if you are looking forward to enjoying a lively culture, dynamic shopping opportunities and excellent beaches. That alone has made it a very popular destination in Brazil that tourists yearn for in their outings. It is ranked fifth in terms of size among the country’s cities. For visitors who are out to enjoy fishing, rolling dunes and beaches; this city is used as the main point to start.


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This city is located on the highlands and its popularity grew after being named the country’s capital back in 1960. Juscelino Kubitschek who was the president at the time is the man behind all those significant changes. That brought about key infrastructural developments that helped shape Brasilia into a modern place. The local infrastructure takes the shape of an airplane and subdivided into many sections. Every section has a different thing that attracts tourists there including ancient buildings for residential and commercial purposes as well as cultural centers. You will have all the reasons to make Brasilia one of your top stops when touring this country.

Sao Paulo

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This is the biggest Brazilian city and that translates to its enormous touristic value. There are many skyscrapers that draw tourists to the place; its culture is very robust while public parks there are in high numbers. Some parts of the Atlantic rainforest sit in this city which adds to its tourism worthiness. The other thing that makes tourists fall in love with Sao Paulo is the cuisine which entails some of the best local foods prepared in a traditional way.