Top 5 Destinations For Whale Watching

Top 5 Destinations For Whale Watching

Whether you are a traveler, tourist or just a family guy taking his family on a vacation, whale watching can be the most amazing and memorable experience for anyone in the world.

The largest mammal alive on earth and giving its short glimpses on the water surface is a sight to be remembered and captured. Unfortunately, these sights are not available in all the seas of the world. Only a few countries and within those countries only a few spots are lucky enough to boast this show of whales. Here are some of the best places for travelers to visit for watching an enthralling show of whales.

Maui, Hawaii

Starting in the month of November and lasting to the end of April, the humpback whales are putting a great show in the waters of Maui. There are nearly 10 different destinations for you to pick from for watching this spectacular show of the largest animal on our planet. These whales you get to look at have come to give you this special show from distances as big as 3000 miles. Out of the estimated 5000 humpback whales that arrive in the season to Maui, you are definitely guaranteed to see at least a dozen within a few hours.

Massachusetts, USA

Massachusetts has been included in the list of top 10 places in the world for watching whales and thus you should not miss it when traveling around the world. Cape Cod is kind of a home for whales and you get the best treat if you visit this area in the months between April and October. The best thing about Cape Cod is that you get to see the different species of whales including the humpbacks, minkes and finbacks too. You would never want to miss a place that gives a 99% guaranty that you will see a whale when you are here.

Alaska, USA

Alaska is another great destination that will offer you some great whale sightings. The best way to view them is to have a cruise ride and be among them in the sea while looking at them. The best season for travelers to treat their eyes with the sightings of whale in Alaska is the summer season. Point Adolphus is a famous place to watch them along with the Chatham Strait. These points will offer you the great glimpses of grey whales because more than 20000 migrate to this area to have their summer lunch in these waters.

Kaikoura, New Zealand

Kaikoura is a small town located in the southern parts of the country and offering some of the best sightings of not only whales but dolphins too. The reason why there are so many great fish in these waters is because in this area the warm and cold water get mixed. You will get to see the great sperm whales here along with dolphins. A bonus that you will be offered in Kaikoura is the sighting of Hector’s Dolphin; this is the smallest dolphin that you will find in the world.

Hermanus, South Africa

There is no better place to see the whales than Hermanus in South Africa. This place, in the south of Africa, boasts the best sightings of whales in Walker Bay. You don’t have to do a lot to see these whales putting up a show. July is the best month to see the whales in this area and all you have to do is stand at the top of the cliff where you will find all the necessary equipment to locate the whales and enjoy. The period during which it is best to visit this area is between May and December.