Top 9 Most Unfriendly Cities in the World

Top 9 Most Unfriendly Cities in the World

One of the best things about travelling the world is that you find new perspective in looking at things. However, traveling to a city with unfriendly people can leave you with an unpleasant experience, no matter how beautiful the sights in that city are.

Here are some of the most unfriendly cities in the world—when visiting the destinations in the list, it is best not to expect a warm welcome to prevent disappointment.

Atlantic City in New Jersey, US

Many gamblers flock to Atlantic City, but many travellers are disappointed with the sights and attractions in this New Jersey city. If you like casinos, then this is a fine destination, but if not, you might find the city boring and a bit shabby. Plus, the people are not really known as the embodiment of pleasantness.

Detroit in Michigan, US

The second entry for the United States, Detroit is just one of those places that reek of misery—caused by economical and social problems of the recent past. Not necessarily a place you would like to find yourself in.

New Haven in Connecticut, US

Home to one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Yale University, New Haven can be considered as one of the most important cultural and academic hubs in the United States. However, the people who live in the city are not really known for being polite and friendly, especially to tourists.

Lome in Togo

The capital (and the largest) city in the African country of Togo, Lome is one of those places that work better as a rest stop than a destination of itself. Many people warn their fellow travellers against staying or even eating a meal in Lome. Aside from unfriendly prices, the people are not prone to welcoming visitors warmly, either.

Kuwait City in Kuwait

The Middle East is home to a perpetually warm climate and excitingly exotic sites, but Kuwait City is not really the best place for those who want to explore and experience Middle Eastern culture. Yes, the food offerings are good and shopping (especially during sale season) is phenomenal, but that is pretty much it.

Luanda in Angola

Angola, located in the western coast of southern Africa, is home to natural scenery that will take your breath away. However, many travellers have expressed dismay and disappointment in the Angolan capital city of Luanda. The city is still scarred with the past few civil wars, and Luanda is an exercise in the contrast between poverty and extreme wealth. Not really a quaint city to visit.

Oakland in California, US

Perhaps the thing that landed the Californian city of Oakland in this list is its inconsistency. While there are plenty of places that can be called charming, there are places that have safety problems that it is unwise to even stop for a few minutes. Oakland has the capacity to be a truly wonderful city, but now—at least to most travellers—it is just another big city.

Islamabad in Pakistan

With the recent problems in this country, it is understandable why many travellers find Islamabad to be an unfriendly city, no matter how beautiful the sights are.

Newark in New Jersey, US

The Newark Airport is preferable for many travellers compared to John F. Kennedy International in New York, but the local crowd can be rude.