Top 7 Healing Destinations on Earth

Top 7 Healing Destinations on Earth | Chichen Itza, Mexico

Need some healing? Traveling can help you with that. Check out this list of the top healing destinations on earth.

Do you know that there are a lot of places on earth that are believed to have natural healing properties? Whether you’re religious or a believer of the supernatural or you just need natural healing or rejuvenation, spending some time in the top healing destinations in the world can do you a lot of good.

1. Russian Banyas Sandunovskiye, Banya, Moscow

A steamy paradise, this place are believed to be frequented by mischievous spirits called ‘bannik’ that bewitch any clothing that you are wearing once inside a banya. Thus, folks are advised to strip down and enter the steam room, which often has a relaxing pine and eucalyptus smell. From time to time, attendants replenish your supply of water with soaked juniper and birch. Slapping the branches all over your body is believed to bring blood to the surface. A refreshing pool is just nearby, ready to receive you when the heat becomes too much.

2. Japanese Onsen, Shikoko Island

Bathing in the natural waters that flow from volcanic fault lines is believed to have miraculous healing benefits. These fault lines, which are called as ‘onsen’ in Japan are said to be full of healing minerals. A lot of onsen baths are available in Japan, each one often boasting of a unique healing promise. One of the famous onsen sites in the country is Dogo, located on Shikoko Island. It’s a wonderful place for mineral baths, for meditating, and for enjoying classic Japanese tea and dumplings.

3. San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala

The whole place of San Marcos La Laguna is believed to emit a healing energy. It may have something to do with the three active volcanoes nearby, as well as the ancient Mayan community that inhabited the land. The most famous attraction, however, is the Lago Atitlan, a collapsed volcano that extends downwards up to 1000 feet and is filled with water. To take advantage of the healing energy that the place emits, many spas, yoga centers, and meditation studios have cropped up all over the place.

4. Chichen Itza, Mexico

Chichen Itza is known for its healing stones such as jade and quartz. The locals of the area have mastered the art of giving hot stone therapy and stone massages. The stones are taken straight from the earth and are returned back after a massage so they can continue absorbing energy from the natural healing ground, which some believe actually lead to sacred underground Mayan sacrifice sites.

5. Chena Hot Springs, Alaska

Hidden in Alaska’s interiors, the Chena Hot Springs has long been known for its healing benefits. Many visitors even bring some water from the spring home with them.

6. Glacier Hot Pools, New Zealand

Tucked away in the lush rainforests of west New Zealand, the Glacier Hot Pools offers a natural steam bath that can soothe and relax tired bodies. According to legend, the pools were formed by the frozen tears of Hinehukatere when she mourned the loss of Wawe, her lover.

7. Gellert Thernal Baths, Budapest

When in Budapest, do as the locals and soak in the healing waters of the Gellert Thermal Baths, which is just one of the many healing baths found in the city. Also called as Spa City, Budapest overflows with the healthy water and is thus a great destination for tourists seeking natural healing.