Top 10 Places to Visit in 2014

Top 10 Places to Visit in 2014

Travelers need frequent lists every year to plan their trips since this is what their life revolves around – trips. The good thing is that internet lets them refresh their lists of to-visit destinations every year since the information is very frequently updated from all corners of the world.

Any unique event in any part of the world attracts travelers and that’s how they plan their journeys. The best places for 2014 for travelers to visit can be surprising for some people but these places have earned this title. Here are the top 10 2014 places for travelers.


Why is Brazil suddenly on the top of the list? Well, since the football world cup is coming to Brazil and there is nothing more exciting and electrifying in the world than the football world cup. Not to mention, Brazil is the best football team in the world and the fact that the football world cup will be held there is just pure amazement.

New Zealand

New Zealand is getting better with time and the best place in 2014 in the country is Auckland. Recent facelifts of this city has made it a worthwhile shot for travelers and tourists. Whether you want some good food or enjoy some art exhibitions, it will be a great trip to Auckland.


Whether you’re talking about year 2014 or 2020, USA will always be on the list for all the great colors it adds to the world. From unbelievably adventurous canyons to mesmerizing waterfalls, amusement parks to the best kayaking and more, everything is available in USA in abundance.


This is the rival country of Brazil and since 2014 Football World Cup is going to attract people from all around the world to the country, Ecuador has to do something special to get the attention. You can expect some great deals, cheap packages and discounted promotions for this country in 2014.


If you are a fan of Commonwealth Games, it’s time for you to start packing your bags and head to Scotland. You will enjoy your summer of the next year with some great spots in the country. The best place to visit in Scotland would be Glasgow. Don’t forget to take some memorable pictures here.


Canada has been doing a great job in making a great name in the past years in tourism and even immigration. If you love to enjoy man-made structures in the middle of some of the most astounding structures from nature i.e. mountains, you should not miss going to Vancouver.

Costa Rica

It is beautiful and full of natural scenes, but most of all it is safe and secure. Costa Rica offers all the great adventures of life including surfing, rafting and horseback riding too. All of this can be enjoyed in the peaceful environment of Costa Rica.

Looking at this name you might think of a country at war but that’s old story. The new story is completely different and it depicts a theme of peacefulness and friendliness. People are friendlier than ever before and safety ranking of the country is getting better. Enjoy the beaches, jungles and motorbike rides here.


Shanghai is in China and is probably one of the fastest developing places in the world. Filled with skyscrapers in one of the cleanest atmosphere and environment you could ever imagine, this city is a jewel adorning the face of China on the world map.


Australia is a heaven for travelers too and Adelaide, which is often not given much attention by the tourists, has undergone complete refurbishment recently and after this process the city is going to shine like a gem.


Russia is a great place and if you are a fan of Winter Olympics then Russia is the place to be. Just go to the city of Sochi and watch the games with your own eyes live. You might want to read some recent changes in their laws before visiting this place.