The Best Places To Be on New Year’s Eve

The Best Places To Be on New Year’s Eve

When the clock finally strikes its first second for a brand new year, where should you be? Yes, it is important to be in a festive mood when welcoming the New Year. Hence, it is important to pick the right location where you will be spending the New Year’s Eve. If you have already gone to Times Square in New York and have witnessed the famous ball drop there, what other places should you go to?

If you are in search for the best destination this coming New Year’s Eve, here are some of the most boisterous and energetic places which you could choose from:

Orlando, Florida, USA

If you are targeting for a destination which would be perfect for the entire family, especially the kids, then this is the place to be. Orlando offers thrills not just for the little ones but also for the young at heart.

The highlight of your visit here is when you and your kids spend New Year’s Eve in the Disney Park. The place would be bursting with so much energy because of the numerous performances which go on all night, even hours after the clock strikes 12 midnight. It will truly be a magical night because of all the fireworks display.

Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro

Want something that is really going to blow your mind during the New Year’s Eve? Then spend it at the Copacabana Beach. This place is hard to beat because the partying starts as soon as the sun has risen and goes on until the first daybreak for January 1. Make sure to bring your white clothing which is the traditional get-up for this occasion so you will perfectly blend in with the dancing women and partying folks.

Las Vegas

If you want to feel like being in several different places at the same time, then spend New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas. This place will offer you whatever your heart desires, may it be a luxurious dinner, a posh hotel accommodation, a night of entertainment and performances or hours of casino fun.

There is tremendous glee which envelopes the Las Vegas atmosphere every New Year’s Eve because the finest hotels are competing when it comes to fireworks display and partying.

Champs-Elysees, Paris

If you are seeking for some romantic getaway with your special someone during the New Year’s Eve, then there is no other place to go to than Paris. Welcoming the New Year’s Eve does not always have to mean partying all night and drowning yourself to deafening music. In this place, you can just bring the finest wine with you, enjoy it with your loved one while watching the display of lights at the Eiffel Tower.

Sydney Harbour, Sydney, Australia

Even without the holidays to celebrate, Sydney is always vibrant and lively. What more during the New Year’s Eve celebration? Of course, people will take it to the next level—to welcome the New Year with a myriad of fireworks show and a whole lot of entertainment. This place sure knows how to light up the sky and people take the extra mile to make sure that they live up to their reputation as the Harbour of Light.