5 of World's Most Expensive Places to Stay

5 of World's Most Expensive Places to Stay
livemint.com - Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Tokyo

It is time to check the most expensive places on Earth. And we are not talking about activities, but places where you can stay. If you earn enough money, these places feel like your very own corner of Heaven. But let’s stop talking and start impressing you.

President Wilson Hotel, Geneva

This hotel is located in Switzerland, Geneva, in more like a rural area. If you want to live like a king, even for a day, there’s the place where you must go. The most expensive suite at the hotel is located on the topmost floor. It’s called the Royal Penthouse suite and it costs a staggering $65,000 per night. The surface of the penthouse covers about 1,600 square meters. It has 12 rooms, 12 bathrooms and even a terrace. Each room is equipped, more or less, with state of the art technology: plasma TVs, internet connection, super comfortable beds, astonishing view, piano and billiards table. You also have access to a private gym. It’s literally the perfect place to be.

Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Tokyo

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel is located in Tokyo, Japan. At the first sight, it doesn’t seem to be such an impressive building, except the fact that it’s very tall. But don’t get fooled by the look; inside there’s a five-star hotel with a lot of rooms and suites. The most expensive is the Presidential Suite, which costs over $25,000 per night. In this price you get a spectacular view from the 50th floor, flat TVs, wired and wireless internet, relaxing bathtub, private access to fitness studio and a king size bed. As the name of the suite suggests, it’s designed to give you a ‘presidential’ feel.

The Dolder Grand, Zurich

It seems like Switzerland is the home of some of the most expensive hotels on earth. The Dolder Grand is can be found in Zurich and it has quite a suite. It is located at the highest point of the building, carefully positioned to give you a breathtaking view. In approximately 400 square meters you have two bedrooms, each one with its private bathrooms, a kitchen, a library, a dining room and a balcony. Soft carpets, comfortable beds and sofas; everything was carefully placed so that the suite looks amazing. The price? Well, somewhere around $19,000 for a single night.

Jumeirah – Etihad Towers, UAE

There wouldn’t be a complete top without at least one location in the Arab Emirates. The Jumeirah – Etihad Towers hotel is a clear example of technological progression. Located in Abu Dhabi, this hotel is definitely one of the most expensive on earth, not just in terms of suites. The most prestigious room you’ll find in this hotel is called the Royal Etihad Suite. It covers almost 1000 square meters and includes 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3 living rooms, kitchen and private access to gym & spa. You get 46-inch plasma TVs, iPad controlled lights and curtains, Jacuzzi and many more. All this for a ‘decent’ $18,000 per night.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

The last hotel on our list is located in Singapore, a beautiful location which recently has become an important touristic attraction. The most expensive suite in this hotel costs $17,000 per night and it’s called ‘The Chairman suite’. Even if it covers ‘only’ 600 square meters, you still get a lot of benefits. The suite has 4 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, 4 bathrooms, an exercise room, a play area with pool table and bar, LCD TVs in every single room, DVD player and some kitchen facilities (fridge and microwave oven). Compared to the other suites we reckon that it still lacks several things, but you’ll be feeling like a king anyway.

Without doubt that all these locations are designed for people who earn like 1 million dollars a year. There could be cheaper alternatives with almost the same conditions, but if you’re wondering how a presidents lives, go and spend a night or more at any of these hotels. You’ll be impressed.