10 of the Prettiest Villages in France

There are many pretty villages in France where you can consider spending your vacation. Some are centuries old and you will be stunned how they have managed to preserve their old-fashioned architecture to date. These villages are one of the reasons why many tourists prefer visiting France over any other European country for vacation.

The following are some of the top ten prettiest villages you can find in France.


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Soure: flickr/Ben Salter

You have to visit this village for you to get lost in the ancient architecture and atmosphere of the bronze age. That is the earliest the first people to settle in this village can be traced back to. There are zigzagging streets for you to see, gardens are available in large numbers while charming shops are limitless.


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This is a charming village and is mostly characterized by picturesque squares as well as old-fashioned mansions. You will like the scenery that you will see because it takes you back to the old days when things were done differently as compared to modern days. You will find this village located in Brittany to be a perfect destination in case you are keen to have a cool vacation.


Soure: flickr/Russ Bowling
Soure: flickr/Russ Bowling

Many people regard this village as the prettiest. Its situated on the Alsatian Wine Route so easy to see why. The streets are stony while houses are largely made of wooden material and have never changed since their construction in the 16th century. You need to have a taste of the Alsatian wine which is by far the biggest tourist attraction in this village and will be found in any local winery or cellars.


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This village can give any other town huge competition to bag the prettiest town award. It is elegant and charming which have made it a popular destination for tourists from the farthest corners of the world.

The streets of this village have wonderful galleries lined up from one end to another just to make sure your trek is busy and engaging. That explains why the most famed writers and artistes in France trace their roots to this pretty village.


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This is a highly magical village and among the prettiest found in Provence. The inhabitants of this village have been around for many centuries as early as the Roman times and are still a good place to visit in the modern world. You will enjoy the Mediterranean climate which is very predominant at this village as you will have the freedom to explore the village more. Gordes is a fine place to enjoy very spectacular views of the sunset.


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Soure: flickr/Francois R THOMAS

This is a well-known destination for international tourists visiting France and you will have no reason to omit it from your itinerary. The key attractions at this village include theatrical cliffs as well as natural archways. Hiking and walking are the ideal ways for getting the best from this village during your tour.

Getting to the top of Notre Dame de la Garde church will allow you the opportunity to see the best views of the sunrise more than any other place in the world.

Alternatively, you can take a walk down to Dordogne where you will come face to face with nice-looking and breathtaking cliffs. You will be spoilt for choice once visiting this pretty village as it offers more than you will be out for.


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This is a colorful village that you will come across when taking the Alsatian Wine Route. The streets are designed in a very unusual concentric-circular shape which has helps attract many tourists every year. This is a very easy to explore village since the easily accessible roads are complemented by numerous wine bars and cellars. You will not regret your time spent at the village.


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The houses here are brightly colored which is definitely going to attract your attention even from far away. Other attractions that will welcome you to Colmar include delightful storefronts and flowery canals that you will not find anywhere else but in this colorful village. What about taking a canoe trip? This will be a good way to relax in the evening since there are many canals where this is possible. Waterside cafes are equally available and you have opportunities for watching the locals.


Soure: flickr/Kosala Bandara
Soure: flickr/Kosala Bandara

You will come across this pretty village in the eastern parts of France. It is a very popular and big village in the country where every visitor has to make a stop and you should not be an exception. There are beautiful terraces that are lined along the canals which is a key attraction together with a scenic castle that dates back to the 12th century. It is a place that you should not have problems recommending to your friends who are planning to tour France.


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This is a small village and one of the prettiest in France where you can spend some time of your vacation. For many centuries, the largest number of visitors here were traders as well as sailors but modern tourists are now making it a top priority destination. There are beaches and classy restaurants in this village where you can get maximum fun through socializing. If you are a sailor, visit the white steeple where sailors have been doing their things for over a hundred years now.

With all these pretty villages in France, you will never have a challenge choosing the right destination for your vacation in Europe. You will find the villages more suited to satisfy you than any other attractions that you will come across. These are places that have drawn millions of tourists over the period and your reservations about their suitability will be well settled. Always make these villages your first stop when in France for a holiday.