10 Most Beautiful Mountains in the World

Nobody can deny the fact that mountains are largely breath-taking and a key attraction for tourists across the world. Actually, these are some of the natural features that are known to contribute heavily to the global tourism revenue. They are spread out across the world which has encouraged people to travel much.

When tourists travel the world, they are first and foremost keen on exploring the mountains they have always read in history books or heard tales from friends. 10 of the most beautiful mountains in the world will be discussed in this article to give you a starting point. You can consider them when planning your next vacation.

Kirkjufell, Iceland

Soure: flickr/Dan
Soure: flickr/Dan
Soure: flickr/Glenn Harper

This beautiful mountain is located in Iceland and tourists love visiting it, despite it not being very tall. Its profile inclines more horizontally than vertically with sediment lines being very distinctive. The slope at the base of this mountain is smooth while the overall look is sculptured and symmetrical. Such uniqueness is what attracts tourists to the mountain every year and it stands out as one of the highly recognized natural sites across the country. Thousands of tourists are recorded as having visited Kirkjufell every year.

Ama Dablam, Nepal

Soure: flickr/akunamatata
Soure: flickr/akunamatata

This Nepalese mountain is among the most beautiful in the world. It is amazing with its distinctive appearance that draws thousands of tourists to Nepal every year. The mountain is made of many sharp angles that are very clear when there is snow. Thus, the best time to visit this mountain is during winter seasons to maximize on the experience.

The mountain stands tall at 6,856 meters above sea level with the first climber being Gil Bishop and Ward back in 1961.

Table Mountain, South Africa

Soure: flickr/Warren Rohner
Soure: flickr/Brent Newhall

This is in South Africa and has a largely horizontal dimension. It does not rise very high but it’s always a lovely scene for tourists to see. The breath-taking view of the mountain rising against the sea is one that you will cherish forever. There are many mountain peaks in the world but this one is unique and you will recognize it with the first sight. You need to be there for a first-hand experience of what Table Mountain can offer for tourists.

Chocolate Hills, Philippines

Soure: flickr/shankar s.

This is more of a geological formation that is found in the Philippines. A total of 1,260 hills form this mountain covering an area of 50 square kilometres. Green grass is the main colour at the mountain but it will transform into a brown colour when it’s dry. That is where the name “chocolate” comes from.

This mountain has for many years remained to be the favourite tourist destination of Bohol and a top one in the country. Thus far, the mountain is ranked as the third national geological monument in Philippines with proposals to list it under the UNESCO world heritage site banner.

Altai Mountains, East-Central Asia

Soure: flickr/Pavel Kazachkov

This mountain range is located in the east-central part of Asia. It sits at the meeting point of Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China and Russia thus is able to attract huge number of visitors from the four countries. Covering an area of 16,178 km², the mountain is recognized under world heritage status by UNESCO for representing the longest classification of altitudinal vegetation.

This mountain is also known for helping protect endangered wild animals like snow leopard and Altai argali.

Denali, USA

Soure: flickr/Nic McPhee

If you are in Alaska, you should definitely take time to visit this beautiful mountain. Its domination of the skyline is more than breath-taking and you will be lucky enough to experience that first-hand.

You will be able to have some of the most fascinating views of this mountain that stands at 20,320 feet over the sea. It might not be the tallest peak in the world but you will behold seeing the elevation difference from the ground to the summit. The feeling that you will have standing right at its base and then taking a look at the skies will be one to cherish for the rest of your life.

Lena Pillars, Russia

Soure: wikimedia.org

This natural rock formation is located on the banks of Lena River in Russia. The pillars have been known globally for their tourism value which includes a cruise along the river. There are always guided tours on offer to allow one to explore the mountainous landscape well. Unfortunately, it has not been well explored and lacks some of the basic and modern amenities. If you want to do some hiking, the trails there are very steep and dangerous.

The Matterhorn, Switzerland

Soure: flickr/Russ2009
Soure: flickr/Kosala Bandara

At least this mountain is common with the lips of those people who have travelled a lot and love history. Its peak is very high and steep but that has not deterred tourists from visiting and even hiking for the daring ones. The weather conditions there are highly unpredictable for tourists which could be very inconveniencing to climbers. All in all, it is a striking mountain that you should never ignore when touring Switzerland.

Mount Eiger, Switzerland

Soure: wikimedia.org

This is the second beautiful mountain sitting in Switzerland so your tour there will be very busy. You must visit this when you have enough time because the beauty of this mountain will force you to spend more time than planned. Eiger is an imposing mountain and climbing it being a tough challenge. Actually, many climbers have lost their lives attempting to get up the mountain. Anderl Heckmar was the first person to climb up this mountain in 1938 using the northern side.

The Dolomites, Italy

Soure: flickr/Navin Rajagopalan
Soure: flickr/Ross Elliott

This is one of the reasons why many tourists frequent Italy every year. The Dolomites are part and parcel of the Southern Limestone Alps with the expansive landscape offering a lot for tourists to enjoy. Skiing is a very prominent recreational activity at the Dolomites during the winter seasons as well as hiking, mountain climbing and base jumping in the summer. Other activities to enjoy during summer include paragliding and hang gliding. You must be at the Dolomites at the start of July to enjoy the annual bicycle racing event called Maratona dles Dolomites.