Top 10 Road Trips in the World

We have asked our customers to vote for their favourite road trips in various parts of the world, and we are pretty pleased with the response we got. We have compiled the top road trip destinations across the seven continents of the globe in this concise list. We hope that one of the items in this list will be your road trip of choice the next time the travel bug starts to act up again.

1. Route 66, the United States

Route 66

Route 66 is a historic highway that is, for decades, considered as a synonym for the American road trip. This highway was completed in 1938 and has since enjoyed repute as the highway of choice for many a romantic traveller who wants to drive under the vast expanse of the American skies. In fact, Route 66 is very familiar to pilgrims and travellers—the “Mother Road” was like the Silk Road during the 1930’s, which allowed families stricken with the Great Depression to move to greener pastures.

The complete journey through the Route 66 will begin in Chicago and end in Los Angeles, with a total mileage of more than 2,200 miles. Along the way, travellers get to enjoy breathtaking scenery from Illinois to California.

2. The Atlantic Road, Norway

The Atlantic Road

Norway is one of those destinations that will easily take one’s breath away, thanks to the majestic landscapes and dramatic scenery complemented by the almost savage forces of nature. The Atlantic Road is one of the shortest in this list—a mere five miles that can be easily traversed in a thirty-minute drive—but its beauty will definitely make it extremely memorable.

Be prepared for an adrenaline rush as you drive through bridges regularly beset by storms (the area between Molde and Kristiansund will definitely get your blood pumping). Plenty of wildlife—including exotic birds, whales, and seals—can be spotted during the drive. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the Norwegian wildlife.

3. The Amalfi Coast, Southern Italy

The Amalfi Coast

The coast itself is not extremely long, but driving through the famed Amalfi Coast will reward you with an unforgettable experience enhanced by the beyond-words-beautiful scenery and the challenging roads.

Clocking in at over 40 miles, the narrow and winding roads (overlooking the eternally turquoise waters of the Mediterranean) of the Amalfi Coast make for a challenging drive with plenty of exploration stops—you will have to restrain yourself if you do not wish to enjoy the pristine beaches and panoramic views found everywhere along the coast. But then again, what’s the point of going on a road trip to this Mediterranean paradise?

4. The Alpine Road, Germany

 The Alpine Road

Germany, home of precision driving machines, is also home to one of the most beautiful drives in the whole world. The Alpine Road is a road trip of a lifetime that spans 280 miles, and begins in one lake (Lindau, Lake Constance) and ends in another lake (Berchtesgaden, Lake Konigssee).

Prepare yourself to drive back in time along the southern foothills of the spectacular Bavarian Alps (where the road got its name), as your journey will be filled with sightings of beautiful castles, abbeys, and palaces in fairy tale milieu—plenty of green meadows, snow-capped mountain peaks, villages, and the slightly modern spa resorts.

5. The Bollenstreek Route, the Netherlands

The Bollenstreek Route

Also known as the "Flower Route", Bollenstreek is not a particularly long drive—the route just clocks in at 25 miles—but it does not mean that you would easily run out of things to see. Your Dutch road trip will begin in Haarlem in the western part of the country. The Bollenstreek Route will take you further down south of the Netherlands, where there is an overwhelming abundance of flowers. The Flower Route is a feast for the eyes, thanks to the region’s floral bounty, which includes the very Dutch tulips, narcissi, hyacinths, and daffodils.

If you are planning on driving through the Bollenstreek Route, make sure to do so in the spring—just beyond your car window are stripes upon stripes of different floral hues.

6. The Basque Circuit, Spain

The Basque Circuit

Spain is one of those European countries that never failed to offer tourists a bounty of things to see and experience. The Basque Circuit is just one of these offerings. You could begin your Basque Circuit road trip at the ferry port in Santurtzi and head south through Bilbao.

You will never run out of things to see in the Spanish countryside, but you can drive into France through the Pyrenees Mountains. Use the scenic Roncesvalles Pass, which is a historic site for both Spain and France.

7. The Great Ocean Road, Australia

The Great Ocean Road

The Land Down Under has something wonderful to offer motoring enthusiasts—the 157-mile long Great Ocean Road. While not particularly long, narrow, winding, or harrowing, the Great Ocean Road is perfect for those who want to relax behind the wheel for a bit and marvel at the wonders of nature. The gorgeous mountains slope into the sapphire waters; the proud cliffs are complemented by lush rainforests; and man-made architectural wonders are surrounded by unique wildlife and birds.

While there is plenty of the open road for motorists, resist the urge to push the pedal too hard. There are plenty of speed cameras scattered along the way. Embrace the laidback attitude of the Australians and enjoy the majestic beaches, wildlife, charming little villages, and the view of the Twelve Apostles, which are breathtaking limestone towers jutting out of the blue waters.

8. The Evo Triangle, Wales

The Evo Triangle

If challenge is what you are after, make sure to give the Evo Triangle in the Welsh countryside a try. This Welsh motoring destination offers a triangle of relatively empty roads with plenty of ups, downs, and rather complicated bends that would excite even the hardiest of drivers.

If the challenging roads are boring you, make sure to look out the window and enjoy the emerald meadows, the views of the Llyn Brenig lake, and the charming farmhouses.

9. The Jebel Hafeet, the United Arab Emirates

The Jebel Hafeet

Carved right into the desert landscape of the United Arab Emirates, Jebel Hafeet is perfect for those who want to go on an exotic road trip in the Middle East. Unlike the other destinations in this list, Jebel Hafeet does not exactly take motorists to another place, but rather, allows visitors to drive down and back the seven-mile stretch of smooth road. There are around sixty corners in the road that will bring out the race-car driver in you.

If you enjoy a variety of landscapes and found even the most acrid environments beautiful, then Jebel Hafeet should be in your list. However, many of our customers agree that this Arabian route is just for technical driving.

10. The Alcan Highway, Alaska and Canada

The Alcan Highway

With over 1,300 miles of open road and more than a day of nonstop driving, the Alcan Highway is one of those routes that allow you to enjoy both the journey and the destination. However, the location of the highway should be warning enough for you—it will be a very cold drive. Make sure to put in the snow chains in your tires and pack a down jacket for the freezing weather conditions that you will encounter.

With your courage to brave the morose weather in the Alcan Highway, you will be rewarded with snow-capped mountain peaks, lakes that sparkle like gems under the winter sunlight and wildlife sightings (which could include wolves, sled dogs, and even the more elusive grizzly bears).