Road Trip : Driving Australia's Great Ocean Road

Road Trip : Driving Australia's Great Ocean Road

An Australian National Heritage, the Great Ocean Road can be found in the Victorian state of Australia. The road is actually very close to Melbourne, and it would just take a two-hour drive from Melbourne to get to the starting point of Torquay. The winding Great Ocean Road offers a beautiful panorama of the Southern Ocean, complemented by numerous surf beaches, historically important port towns, gorgeous mountain views, national parks, whale lookouts, and lush rainforests.

The Great Ocean Road is also the largest war memorial in the world, as the soldiers who have built it in the late 1910’s to the early 1930’s dedicated the road to their fallen comrades. The road features various coast-side terrains that provide easy access to a good number of popular landmarks, including the world-famous Twelve Apostels, which is a stack of natural limestone formations.

What to See

12 Apostles

While driving on the Great Ocean Road, make sure to look out the window every now and then to enjoy the breathtakingly dramatic coastline of the Victorian region. Bells Beach is a popular surfing spot in Victoria, thanks to its impressive waves. Apollo Bay is perfect for a day of sun, sea kayaking, swimming, and surfing, while sun worshippers will definitely have their fill of the rays at Lorne. The Twelve Apostles is also a popular landmark found near the shores of the Port Campbell National Park. These limestone stacks were formed by the almost brutish weather conditions in the Southern Ocean.

Nature lovers will definitely enjoy driving through the Great Ocean Road, as it provides access to rainforests, rivers, dramatic coastlines, and inactive volcanoes. The terrain is extremely diverse, and you will definitely find something new every minute of your journey. Drop by the Great Otway National Park for the spectacular waterfalls and gorges. When driving has taken its toll on your legs, make sure to stretch those limbs out by going on the Great Ocean Walk to explore the unspoiled beaches, lush forests, and impressive sea cliffs.

Native wildlife also populate the region, and you will find a lot of Australia’s distinct animals along the way. Warrnambool is a lookout where you can witness southern right whales migrating every year. Emus, koalas, kangaroos, and a wide variety of birds can be found right at the Tower Hill State Game Reserve.

After you have feasted your eyes on the endless sights of the Great Ocean Road, you can also enjoy the freshest local produce, gourmet offerings, and the excellent wine that the region is known for. Fresh seafood is best in Apollo Bay and Lorne, while berry farms are a-plenty at Colac, Deans Marsh, Gellibrand, and Heywood. Gourmet palates will definitely enjoy the scrumptious offerings of Timboon, Cooriemungle, and Allanford.

Final Tip

While the whole Great Ocean Road can be traversed in three days, make sure to allot a couple more days to explore the gems of this popular drive. Whether you are an outdoorsy person or a great lover of food, you will never run out of things to discover and enjoy while driving through the Great Ocean Road.

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Route Details
Start Point: Torquay, Victoria Distance: 151 miles (243 kilometers)
End Point: Allansford, Victoria Estimated Days: 3 days