Blissful Road Trip on the Amalfi Coast

Blissful Road Trip on the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is the epitome of Mediterranean beauty with its seemingly endless transition of hills, coastline, waters and greeneries. No doubt, it is the most scenic route in Italy.

Exploring the entirety of Italy is not something which can be done in a matter of days. What do you do if you have a limited time and you want to encapsulate all the wonderful attractions that Italy has to offer? The best option is to take the Amalfi Coast.

The Amalfi Coast is found in the southern part of the Sorrento Peninsula. Among the places which make this very popular are the Amalfi, Salerno and Ravello. Are you ready to have a blissful road trip? Then start planning your itinerary right away.

Best Places to Stop

Salerno is a place which bursts with postcard-worthy beauty. This is a destination which possesses both dainty beauty and modern appeal. It is also considered as the transportation hub which makes it perfect for your Amalfi Coast exploration. The centro storico is a must-see because of the seafront location where various restaurants line up. It is also known for all the medieval churches which echo so much history and tradition. If you plan to stay here, there are various types of accommodation, ranging from budget-friendly inns to more luxurious hotels. Among the popular options include Ava Gratia Plena, Ai Bastioni and Hotel Belvedere. This is also a hub for the most sumptuous Italian meals. You surely would not regret trying out the food in places like the Ristorante Santa Lucia, Pinocchio or Pizza Margherita.

Ravello exudes charm and romance with its breath-taking view of landscapes and gardens. This is the haven for people who want to unwind from the day to day hustle and bustle of life. Its location also makes it the perfect place to enjoy the scenic view of the Mediterranean. During the month of July, the atmosphere of Ravello becomes even more energetic because of the Ravello Festival. If you intend to spend a few days here before continuing your journey, then Hotel Caruso and Palazzo Sasso are great options. The food at Rossellinis is a must-try too.

Your adventure in the Amalfi Coast is not complete unless you have witnessed the dramatic appeal of Duomo di Sant'Andrea. The surroundings are beautifully adorned by architecture which infuses Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque aspects. The Chiostro del Paradiso is one attraction which embodies the rich culture that this place has. Since this is frequented by many tourists too, the list of accommodation seems endless. There is the Miramalfi Hotel, La Pergola Hotel, Residence Casamalfi and those are just to mention a few.

The Amalfi Coast exploration will certainly please your eyes. There are too many attractions which you would not be able to resist so you would find yourself stopping for a day or two just to be able to go sight-seeing. More importantly, it is way too easy to find a diner, café or restaurant which will serve you some authentic Italian dishes which will give you gastronomic pleasure.

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