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Car Hire Norway

Norway is amongst those few countries of Europe that has got a much diversified landscape and promises a great delight for the tourists visiting especially in summer.

Sognefjorden and Stavanger: The zenith of natural and cultural beauty!

It is recognized by UNESCO as one of the few heritage sites in the world. You could expect the enchantment of high glaciers, scenic beauty and what not! On the other hand we have the metropolitan Stavanger, another major attraction for tourists in Norway. It is renowned for its Stone Age caves. It also has a hint of religious importance for people. Canals built across the city are also quite exemplary in nature. Both the cities are easily accessible and have a wide presence of five star hotels. Jotunheimen is another important tourist destination on account of its majestic natural landscape along with the cultural blend e. g. the traditional markets etc.

Moving around the Norway

The fact that Norway has got a very developed infrastructure you would find enough ease in travelling around the country with the likes of sophisticated train system and very economical taxis. However if you wish to rent a car, you could do it right from the entire airport, be it Oslo, Drammen or Bergen.

Winter sports

Norway is one of the most popular tourist destinations when it comes to winter sports. There are lots of safe and exciting mountaineering opportunities for the aficionados. In addition, there are also place where you could thoroughly enjoy the thrill of trekking. Surfing is increasingly getting popular all over the country and the existence of wonderful beaches makes it a possibility. Having said that, bicycle rental business is quite common here and you could avail a great deal of excitement from cycling on advanced tracks all across the country.

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