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Car Hire Harstad Narvik Evenes Airport

This airport has international recognition and mainly serves three towns; Evenes, Narvik and Harstad. With its proximity to Evenes, it makes this town the main arrival’s location, then one can head out to the other towns in car rentals. With this airport connecting these three cities, it gives the local tourist a host of options on the many attractions they can visit.

Just make sure your car rental is in good condition with insurance and any other road requirements in check before driving out.

Things to do in Harstad, Narvik and Evenes

There is an abundance of old prehistoric building in Norway, which hold some amount of significance. From hotels to post offices, there is some story that is conserved in some of the buildings you will get to visit.

  • The Rokenes Farm -it is said that this farm goes way back to the Viking period and still stands to date. A walk in tour through the farm is worth an afternoon or early morning as you get to learn about some of the events that happened in the 13th century.
  • Harstads natural sceneries - there is an abundance of mountains and fjords within this city which are perfect for a morning hike. Because not so many people are found within the ranges, it is the perfect place for a peaceful walk or quiet hiking trail through the mountains. You can hike a few peaks each day like Musvannet, Keipen and Grytoy.
  • The Old Narvik Post Office - this old post office has stood the test of time. Since the time when the town was still known as Viktorahavn, this post office has been under construction and it was privileged to be completed right when the railway was also being completed.
  • The Port Narvik - one thing that will fascinate you about this port is the activity that goes on there. The trains arrive with the ores which get emptied into the cargo ships before going back for more. It’s like watching a colony of ants working with great skill and precision; and you can take home with you some photos to remind you how industrious this area is.
  • The War Cemetery - this war memorial grave was built to remember the war heroes who lost their lives within Norwegian soil as well as I combat abroad.

These three cities have more to explore in terms of attractions. You only need to give your car rental some check points here and there as you drive around to cover as many attractions as possible.

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