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Haugesund Airport Car Hire Quote

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Haugesund Airport Karmoey (hau) Helganesvegen 350, Avaldsnes, 4262 (Norway)
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Port (4.8 miles)
Europcar / Cruiseboat Terminal Garpeskjaersvegen 3, 5527
Moeller (5.1 miles)
Raglamyrveien 4, 5536
Haugesund (5.2 miles)
Bøvågen 49, Avaldsnes, 4262
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Car Hire Haugesund Airport

Haugesund airport is an international airport that was built to serve the city of Haugesund, Norway. For the avid tourist looking to enjoy the spoils of this Norwegian city, this is the airport that will connect you to the many tourist attractions the country boasts of. At the terminals you will get a number of car rental companies with the best rates to ensure you control your transport while in the city.

Just make sure you have all your papers intact and you understand the driving rules of Norway to have a smooth time on the roads. Other factors to consider include vehicle capacity, mileage as well as the insurance cover.

Things to do in Haugesund

There are lots of activities to indulge in as well as historical places and iconic landmarks tucked all over this city. With your convenient car hire, you can drive around the city and look for these particular places of interest.

  • Grindaf Jord Center - this is a holiday center developed into a camp site which you and your family. The surrounding is very aesthetically pleasing plus the camp site is equipped with modern facilities to make your stay amazing. Within the camp you can enjoy a game of basketball, tennis or beach volleyball,
  • Birder’s paradise - birdwatchers are specifically favored by the Haugesund city for its vast number of bird species that come to patch in Karmoy Island. It’s just an 18km west from the city center in your car rental. The bird watching goes year round, but if you want to get the most set your holiday around April, May or September.
  • Hiking the Lavt - this is a park that has been isolated specifically for hiking and interaction with nature. There are over 5 trails within the park you can explore and a series of climbs that will leave you exhausted but rejuvenated.
  • Avaldsnes - this is described as the oldest Seat of Kings in Norway. The Avaldsnes houses the history of Norway right from the Viking age. If you have some energy in you, take some time and visit the Viking farm as well.

Haugesund preserves a rich history and heritage of Norway worth being educated on as well as experiencing it. Norway’s pedestrian streets are also a great place to visit with the many bars and restaurants where you can get some food and refreshments. There are several gift shops and cloths stores selling items at an affordable price.

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