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Car Hire Kirkenes Airport

Kirkenes Airport gives you the entry to the town of Kirkenes. Geographically, this is a very interesting location and driving around could be a thrill especially to those who are visiting the area as tourists. But since you do not get the privilege of flying your personal vehicle into the airport, there are certain provisions put in place to ensure car rental services are accessible to all those who are arriving at the airport.

Accessing Car Hire from the Airport

One such provision is that you could find several rent a car agencies at the arrival terminus of Kirkenes Airport right after you have checked in. the companies located here are the major international agencies that you may be conversant with an though they may be a little steeply-priced, they are convenient more so for one-way travels.

Another option would be for those who may have made prior bookings with the rental companies. The company could organize to have the car delivered for you at the airport and right after landing, you could pick it up from the airport parking lot.

The third option to access car hire services after landing at the Kirkenes Airport is to take a taxi or a shuttle bus to the city centre then find a car hire company there. This option opens up more option for you because you have access to both the major agencies as well as the smaller local ones. Also, owing to their close proximity, you may compare charges before settling for any one company.

Driving in Norway: Rules and Regulations

  1. The general speed limit on Norwegian roads is 80kph though this may be much lower for residential and built-up places, even as low as 30kph.
  2. When driving on mountain passes beware of the car or brakes overheating and failing. When driving down in your rental car, a preventive measure would be to engage low gear to avoid using the brakes.
  3. Alcohol limit is 0. 5g/liter. Also beware of medications that are marked with red triangles… these may impair judgment rendering you unfit for the road.
  4. At all times when on the road, have your headlights dipped. It does not matter even if the sun is shining bright on a summer afternoon.
  5. Must wear seat belt
  6. Make sure your car for hire tires have the right tread size: >1. 6mm on summer tires and >3mm on winter tires.
  7. Make sure your agent allows for third party insurance which is compulsory.

After you have seen enough of Norway, you can return your hired car to Kirkenes Airport or to the collection point you had agreed on.

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