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Car Hire Oslo Torp Airport

Oslo Torp Airport is located 7.4 kilometers northeast of the city of Sandefjord in Norway, and it is a great place to visit for holiday. Even if you are not in this city as a getaway from your strict daily job routine and you have come for business meetings, you need to make some time and experience the fun that is offered by different attractions. You cannot get enough of the various places that you can visit at your free time and you will definitely schedule a holiday to this great city.

Mobility in Sandefjord

When you land at Oslo Torp Airport, you will have a variety of options of airport transfers, but most of them are public and they will end at taking you to your hotel or the closest station to your destination. Touring this great city will require personal means of transport so that you can do your activities comfortably and at your own pace. In that case, you will require getting the services of a car hire company, so that you can secure a vehicle that you will be using throughout the holiday. This mode of transport is even cheaper than depending on taxis, which will charge you extravagant prices.

Attractions to see in Sandefjord

A tour of Sandefjord will make you feel like a Viking, and there are attractions like the Whaling Museum and Midtasen Sculpture Park that you should not miss to tour when you come here.

  • The Vikings - If you are wondering whom the Vikings are, they dwelled around Oslofjord some a thousand years ago, and their presence can be seen and felt in Sandefjord through the monuments and artifacts they left behind. You will even seen traces left by other inhabitants from many years ago. To get the real feel of the history you will need to visit specific places such as the Standing Stones, The Rock Carvings and The Gokstad Mound.
  • Going Whaling – The history of Sandefjord is tightly linked to whaling, which hit its apex in this city in 1954. In Europe, The Whaling Museum is the only place that holds whaling history, but when you come to Sandefjord, The Whaling Monument is a huge attraction that was created as a memorial in 1950s by Knut Steen. You can get the feel of The Whale Catcher, which is the solo whaleboat that retains its original condition of ancient whaling. You need your rented car again here because you will have to drive to the harbour and get into the Southern Actor.
  • Madtasen – Is a former resident of Anders Jahre the philanthropist and shipping magnate. It is a public place now with some sculptures and from here, you can have a perfect view of Sandefjord fjord.

Sandefjord has other lovely attractions that you can visit while in this city, and do not forget to sample the delicious Norwegian cuisine, as well as international cuisine that will make you feel at home away from home.

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