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Car Hire Molde Airport

Molde Airport is located in the suburbs of the town, 5 kilometers east of the central business district. Most people would prefer to travel by bus or any other public means to the town center. That is subject to their choice, the best option would be to travel using a rented personal car. It gives the comfort that no other means can. This Airport serves Molde municipality as well as other nearby districts.

Partnership with Best Car Rentals

Molde Airport concerned on safe and comfortable transportation of their customers to the city, or to other places, has partnered with reputable car hire. They have been given the chance to advertise their services in the Airports website. It is not a compulsory that a means of transported be determined at the airport. The passengers can sought for information about transportation in the website. They can call the car rental offices and book their services for a specific date. The partnership is based on trust that the car hires will safely ferry the customers who will opt for private means of transportation. Transportation can be planned to be one way, or even two ways. It is the choice of the customer, and the terms which they agree upon with the car rentals. The improvement of technology has made it possible to do an online booking days in advance. It is helpful in avoiding inconveniences.

Amazing Customer service

Customer service determines the perception customers develop towards a given business. Well, Molde Airport has one of the best customer services that would want a customer to comeback. They understand the needs of the customers, and they are responsive. They rely on technology which gives them an edge. They have scheduled of all the flights the flights for the near future. Besides, they have the website that helps them to book from the comfort of their homes. That is what then informs their decision to book a car from the car hire from the same website without necessarily seeking from different websites. This saves time for them and that is what pleases them most.

The information that they have given in their website is helpful and informs the customers’ decision. Molde Airport has sought to be world class service providers, by providing extra services within their premises. They have a shopping mall and some other places to dine. The customers may decide to do shopping from within the airport, take meals from their premises to avoid queuing in town malls for similar services.

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