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Bardufoss Airport Car Hire Quote

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Bardufoss Airport (bdu) Airport Service Location, Bardufoss, 9327 (Norway)
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Bardufoss (0.7 miles)
Europcar/lundberg Bilutleie As Heggelia, 9325
Finnsnes (17.2 miles)
Botnhaagen, Finnsnes, 9300
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Car Hire Bardufoss Airport

Bardufoss airport is a primary airport that serves the city of Bardufoss in Malselv-Norway. Not only does it handle local flights, it also connects international airlines bringing in tourists from all over the world. The distance between the city and the airport is an approximate 2km.

When tourists arrive at the airport, they are given the options of travelling in shuttles or hiring car rental. Getting your own car to travel in is more ideal as it ensures your private comfort and you can travel together with your luggage. Another advantage of a car hire is the ease of which you can move around the city hunting for tourist spots.

Fun Activities to do in Bardufoss

Bardufoss may not have that much pronounced attractions, however, there are still a few things within the city you can do for fun. With your well serviced and fueled car rental, here are some places you can hunt for and try and learning something from them.

  • Bardufoss Airport - the town is known for its strong military front which has its camp at the air base. The airstrip is fit for landing light planes like fighter jets to heavier planes like the bombers. Norway’s 6th division army also has its station in this very town.
  • General Fleischer Street - this is a street that was named after an army general who served in the city. The street is proof of how the town takes its military history seriously. Within the street are several malls and mini shops to buy a little something to take back home as gifts. There are plenty of restaurants and bars for some quick refreshments as you continue to hunt for more attractions within the city.
  • Bardufoss Forests - a nature hike is always in order as you go explore some of the wild vegetation that grows in the town. Flora is a trademark plant in this city as it is all over Norway. You will also catch some Scots pine, gray alder and downy birch as you hike through the woods.
  • The Beaches - the nearest beach is a distance from the town, but that is no sweat as long as you have your car rental. The climate around Norway is often a cold one, but the summers are warmer so you will enjoy the blue waters more. There are plenty of activities to perform at the beach like snorkeling and deep sea diving.

There is plenty to discover around Bardufoss, just drive around in your car rental and you will be surprised by how much more you discover.

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