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10 of the World's Most Impressive Flower Fields

Flowers and romance go hand-in-hand. When any of these two are mentioned, emotions of the other are usually evoked. Flowers are used to show romance between lovebirds. There is a lot of work that goes into getting the flowers right to the m... [continue reading]

10 of the Coldest Villages on Earth

You might not even think of staying in an extremely cold place but there are people who find such places to be ideal places for living. It is good to be flexible considering the fact that weather keeps on changing from day to day. If it’s h... [continue reading]

10 of the Coolest Underwater Attractions around the World

There has been a misconception that only marine creatures can survive in water but even human beings have a place as well. With water forming up to 70% of the earth, it is only fair that humans have something to get out of it. You will come... [continue reading]

10 of the Hottest Villages on Earth

You will find summer to be a very welcome season once you have bore the brunt of winter. It is a time to rework your body after enduring the cold season and its effects. Don’t think some people will welcome the hot season in the same manner... [continue reading]

10 of the Biggest Disaster Hit Places in Recent Times

There have been some very serious natural disasters experienced in different parts of the world over the past century. They caused untold destruction and deaths in every place they occurred. The effects of such disasters are felt to date wh... [continue reading]

10 Creepiest Abandoned Theme Parks

Do you think an abandoned structure can draw the attention of people especially tourists? That is a million dollar question that bothers many people. Tourists are interesting people and will be amused by the least important things. [continue reading]

10 of the Most Mysterious Forests across the Globe

Despite being key tourist attractions across the world, forests have their own mysteries that mesmerize many people. It can be the location which looks odd; the trees might be shaped in a strange manner or even houses some rare species of a... [continue reading]

10 of Londons Most Iconic Attractions at Night

With all its splendour and beauty during the day, London is a totally different city under darkness. It appears like many people prefer the city with its looks at night than during the day. Some of the attractions that are not very attracti... [continue reading]

10 of the Worlds Most Endangered Sites

The world is used to endangered species in relation to wildlife. Now, we have endangered sites which are mostly historical buildings that have a lot of significance but are under threats of destruction. Most countries have set up teams to t... [continue reading]

10 of the Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Brazil

Until 2014 when Brazil played host to the FIFA World Cup, not many people knew that this country is a top tourism spot of the world. The global showpiece was able to showcase some of the best things in the cities that hosted the world cup a... [continue reading]