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7 of the Most Photogenic Places in Asia

Looking for postcard perfect photos? Maybe it's time to make Asia your next trip. Asia is rich with so many scenic spots and places that are just perfect for photographers who want to capture something amazing in film. Grab your camera and ... [continue reading]

Top 5 Most Photogenic Places in Europe

Europe’s got variety, that one thing is for sure. Whether you’re talking about the lively cities of France and Italy or the historically rich lands of Greece, time spent in the wonderful lands of Europe is time spent well. Better yet, there... [continue reading]

5 of the Best Rated Hotels in Spain

Spain is a beautiful country which is known for its rich heritage and culture, language, history, food and music. The country has the second largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is frequently visited by tourists from around the... [continue reading]

7 of The Best Attractions of Asia

Asia is the biggest continent in the world, with thousands of destinations to be visited by any traveller worth his or her salt. However, visiting these magnificent destinations should not be done impulsively. [continue reading]

5 of World's Most Expensive Places to Stay

It is time to check the most expensive places on Earth. And we are not talking about activities, but places where you can stay. If you earn enough money, these places feel like your very own corner of Heaven. But let’s stop talking and star... [continue reading]

8 of the Best Tourist Destinations in Austria

Austria has a lot of things going for it - colourful history, picture-perfect natural and man-made attractions, time-honoured traditions, and other unique distinctions. This European country is perhaps best known as one of the most importan... [continue reading]

Top 7 Holidays Destinations in Eastern Europe

Europe has gorgeous landmarks in spades—there is plenty to see for history, photography, art, and architecture nerds, as well as for those travellers who want to learn more about the country they are visiting through tangible means. [continue reading]

Top 9 Most Unfriendly Cities in the World

One of the best things about travelling the world is that you find new perspective in looking at things. However, traveling to a city with unfriendly people can leave you with an unpleasant experience, no matter how beautiful the sights in ... [continue reading]

Top 8 Friendliest Cities in the World

As travelers, we all want to arrive in a place where the locals are friendly. The place itself—including the scenery and the food—is a big part of the experience, but the friendliness of the people is the icing on the cake. [continue reading]

Top 6 Value-for-Money Travel Destinations for 2014

Not everyone can afford a luxurious holiday in the most secluded (and most expensive) destinations in the world, but this does not mean that you should not travel at all. There are breathtaking destinations you can still visit without payin... [continue reading]