10 of the Most Spectacular Views in the UK

The countries making up the United Kingdom are small, yet their views of the landscape are enormous. There are not many countries that offer views as good as that of England, Scotland and Wales.

The general landscape is punctuated by hills and mountains so you will have a good choice of places to make stopovers and admire the landscape. Whether it’s from the mountains or coastline, be assured of getting the best views in the UK.

The following are some of the top ten most spectacular views in the UK that you can consider for your vacation.

Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

Soure: flickr/Alex Ranaldi

This area covers about 40,000 and it has basalt columns that interlock and all this resulted from a volcanic eruption. It’s in Northern Ireland and has already been listed among the world heritage sites under UNESCO. In the UK, it is rated high among natural wonders and your views of the landscape from its summit will be breath-taking. The National Trust is responsible for managing large sections of the causeway that has remained to be a top attraction for tourists.

Seven Sisters, England

Soure: flickr/Kent Wang

This country park is located at the South Downs National Park and has a landmass of 280 hectares. It is largely covered by chalk cliffs as well as meandering river valleys. The numerous outdoor activities that take place at the park make it enjoyable to wind down. You can take up canoeing, cycling, bird watching and walking as good options for spending your free time. East Sussex County Council manages this park to protect it from any form of destruction and the name was inspired by Seven Sisters chalk cliffs that were very famous.

Glen Coe, Scotland

Soure: flickr/David Sanz

You will come across this in the Scottish highlands and many tourists prefer it for witnessing spectacular views in the UK. It is a very beautiful and the most spectacular place that you will find in the whole of Scotland. You will enjoy scenery created by the surrounding mountains that are precipitous and wild. The historical connection of the place and picturesque qualities make Glen Coe a very popular place for tourists to spend their time once in the UK. Climbers and walkers are the frequent visitors to this place.

Durdle Door, England

Soure: flickr/Miles Sabin

This arch in England is made of limestone but it’s owned by a private family that allows members of the public easy entry. The place covers an area of 12,000 acres which will give you enough opportunities for exploration as a visitor. One of the most valuable things to find here is the spectacular views of the UK and it’s comparable to no other. You might have had prior experiences in the UK but what you find here will be more than you will be asking for.

Mount Snowdon, Wales

Soure: flickr/W_Minshull

This is the biggest mountain in Wales and climbing to its summit will give you breath-taking views. You can choose to use a train or other means into climbing up depending on what you deem suitable for your satisfaction. It is one of the few places in the UK where you will have the opportunity of experiencing 360-degree views. Snowdonia National Park has lakes and ridges that will allow you to view as far as Ireland if it’s a clear day.

Llangorse Lake, Wales

Soure: flickr/Phil Dolby

This is a place full of myths and history where views of the UK are spectacular. You will be good to make a stop on the shores of this lake and have picturesque views of the landscape. Take your time to admire some of the tallest peaks in the southern parts of Britain as well as a palace from the 10th century sitting at the edge of the water. Generally, your views of the lakeshore will be breath-taking and what you will be looking for in your tour of the UK.

Blorenge, Wales

Soure: flickr/David

If you hike up this hilly place that is very steep, you will enjoy its worth courtesy of spectacular views of the extensive landscape. At the summit, you will get a plateau that will give you the views you want to experience starting from the Usk Valley all the way to Sugar Loaf. Regular tourists to the UK hold this place with high regard and always make a stop during their time there.

Green Bridge, Wales

Soure: flickr/Phil Dolby

This is in Wales and it’s a good place to have spectacular views once you are touring the UK. The sea waves that pound the feet of this bridge offer something enjoyable to see and some of the other attractions to see include Church Doors sea arch. There is a coast path that will lead you to this place and the closer you get the clearer the views will be. This bridge located in Castlemartin, Pembrokeshire has a very ancient but attractive architecture that was greatly contributed by repeated wave erosion.

Llynnau Cregennen, Wales

Soure: flickr/Michael

If you are a photographer, making a stop at this mountain will be very critical because the views are always clear. You can get to see the farthest points of the landscape under a ruminating skyline. The views will be more spectacular during the autumn season when mist tumbles down. When you choose to visit in spring, just do it in the afternoon. Hikers who are proceeding to the Mawddach Way have made it their favourite stopping point. You will enjoy it as it takes you through a circular route of 31 miles all the way from Barmouth.

Betws-y-Coed, Wales

Soure: flickr/Stuart Madden

This waterfall along the River Llugwy in Wales is a good place to see snow falling down. The region is very hilly making it good to look for the right positioning for spectacular views of the landscape. This place gets the highest amount of rainfall than any other in the UK which is an added advantage. The banks of this waterfall have very reachable viewpoints that you should utilize in getting the best from your tour. You should choose the one that will take you closer to the rushing water which mostly forms foam.

With all those options, never complain that you cannot get the best views of any place in the UK. There are many others apart from these to consider thus you will experience no limitations at all.