Road Trip Ideas & Planning

Turkish Delight Road Trip: Driving from Izmir to Dalaman, Turkey

Turkey is one of those countries that are perfect for road trips—although the road trip culture in this country is relatively new, which means that there are plenty of things to discover on your Turkish adventure. The roads in Turkey are va... [continue reading]

Highway 61 Road Trip: Cruising the Blues Highway

The US Route 61, or simply Highway 61, is one of the most iconic figures in American road trip culture. Also known as the "Blues Highway", this route takes the adventurous driver from the Mississippi Headwaters in the northern state of Minn... [continue reading]

Hana Highway Road Trip: Conquering the Road to Hana

Breathtaking, lush, and raw. These are just some of the words that can aptly describe the scenery that you will encounter during your drive along Hana Highway in Hawaii. Also known as the Road to Hana (this alternate name adds more mystery ... [continue reading]

Road Trip : Driving Australia's Great Ocean Road

An Australian National Heritage, the Great Ocean Road can be found in the Victorian state of Australia. The road is actually very close to Melbourne, and it would just take a two-hour drive from Melbourne to get to the starting point of Tor... [continue reading]

Road Trip Exploring French Wonders: Scenic Driving Routes in France

Paris, the capital city of France, has always been associated with the country—to the extent that many people believe that there is nothing else to see in France other than Paris. While Paris is a truly beautiful city in its own right, it i... [continue reading]

The Fairy Tale Road Trip: The Black Forest, Germany

The Brothers Grimm have set a lot of their fairy tales in the famed Black Forest in Germany—and driving through this area will allow you to experience the magic and wonder of your favorite tales. Located in the southwestern part of Germany ... [continue reading]

An All-American Road Trip: The Big Sur, California

The Big Sur is one of the most popular road trip routes in the whole United States, if not the world. This route is perfect for drivers who want to experience an exhilarating trip, filled with tricky twists and turns in roads that run along... [continue reading]

The Ultimate European Road Trip: Exploring the Basque Circuit

Spain is a truly amazing country with a diverse range of scenery and local cultures, and driving through the Basque Circuit will allow you to explore not only Spain, but also France. You can drive from Madrid or Barcelona to get to Bilbao a... [continue reading]

Road Trip Through the Badlands National Park, South Dakota

With its otherworldly landscapes of eroded buttes, spires, and dramatic pinnacles, the Badlands National Park in South Dakota is one of the most popular adventure destinations in the United States. The park itself covers almost 250,000 acre... [continue reading]

Road Trip Through Spectacular Vistas: The Alpine Road, Germany

The Deutsche Alpenstrasse, or the German Alpine Road, is undeniably one of the most scenic drives in the European continent, if not the world. As implied by the name, the Alpine Road allows motorists to explore the region of the Bavarian Al... [continue reading]