The Fairy Tale Road Trip: The Black Forest, Germany

The Fairy Tale Road Trip: The Black Forest, Germany

The Brothers Grimm have set a lot of their fairy tales in the famed Black Forest in Germany—and driving through this area will allow you to experience the magic and wonder of your favorite tales. Located in the southwestern part of Germany in the Baden-Wurttemberg state.

The "black" in its name is actually a misnomer, as the Black Forest is bursting with lush greenery. The name of the region was actually bestowed by the Romans, who alluded to the uncharted depths of the forest. The "darkness" of the modern day region actually comes from the shade of the numerous towering birch and pine trees that cover the whole mountainside.

There are numerous international airports that serve the Black Forest area, such as Strasbourg in France, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Zurich in Switzerland, and Frankfurt. You can get in through the Basel airport, which is roughly a forty-mile drive to Freiburg im Breisgau, which is known as the "gem of the Black Forest". You can take the A5 Autobahn, which will take you directly to Schwarzwald. Once you reach Lake Constance, you can drive along the B31 for forty more miles until you reach your destination, the Black Forest.

What to See

The Black Forest

It is highly recommended that you drive through the forest roads. We recommend that you take the Black Forest High Ridgeway (also known as the Schwarzwaldhochstrasse or Route B500), which would take you to the northern part of the region. You should start in Baden-Baden and drive all the way to Freudenstadt to enjoy the unique scenery inside the Black Forest.

Another scenic route is the Black Forest Panorama Road (or the Schwarzwald Panoramastrasse), which is located in the southern part of the region. The ridgeway and the panorama road are both excellent choices, and if you have a bit more time to explore the Black Forest region, you can drive through both of them. Whichever forest road you choose, you will be sure to find not only endless stretches of ancient trees and forest scenery, but also charming villages with warm residents, ancient castles that seem to be lifted out of fairy tales, and miles upon miles of farmlands and meadows.

One of the best reasons why you should go on a Black Forest road trip is the variety of routes that you can take. The Uhrenstrasse or Clock Road route is perfect for those who want to explore museums and workshops dedicated to the watch making industry. Make sure to stop by Feldberg, the highest point in the Black Forest, for spectacular views of the ravines.

Final Tip

There is a lot to see and experience in your Black Forest road trip adventure—from learning more about the historic industries of Germany to the local delicacies and customs. Make sure to rent a good car that can navigate the serpentine forest roads that the region is known for.

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Route Details
Start Point: Basel, Switzerland Distance: around 300 miles
End Point: Freudenstadt, Germany or Titisee, Germany Estimated Days: 6 to 7