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Car Hire Greece

Greece is a decent country with countless touring sites. Carrying a mixture of experiences, ancient beautiful cities, landscapes and pulsing nightlife, this country is one of the firsts on every traveler’s map while on vacation. It has over 11million inhabitants and is a cradle to a culture rich in history, sports, mythology, healthy cuisine, philosophy and much more.

Tips for Travelers

As divided into different climatic regions, there are cities in Greece that face soaring summers to places with freezing winters. The best time to travel to this land is spring and autumn when most of the tourist attractions are alive.

Places to see

When you are in Greece, put your best boots on and be prepared because here you can run out of breath but you won’t run out of places to see. In Athens, visit the magnificent Acropolis Theater where composers like Yanni and Elton John once played and place that reflects the ancient culture. Those looking to enjoy the coastal areas must explore the lush blue waters and white sand of Myrtos in Ionian Islands or decide to take a cruise on the spectacular Greek islands like Hydra, Poros and Egina.


Greece often steps up when it comes to upbeat entertainment. Booze Cooperativa and Bretta and two great spots for drinks and a hip young experience. Other good cafe and places to hang out and enjoy the evening include Art house, Bios in Athens and Soul Sugar in Antioparos. If you are somebody who is into clubbing and dancing, Pubs like Privilege in Iraklio and Exo in Athens are the right places for you offering all night of music and an unforgettable party ambience.


Greek Cuisines are famous for its hale and hearty Mediterranean diet. Using mostly fine natural ingredients, local kitchens are famous of dishes like moussakka, Greek salad, the world renowned Souvalki and Stifado. Some popular restaurants recommended to try are Ali Baba’s in Ios (famous for Thai dishes), Paradosiako in Athens (fresh Seafood) and Hatzis for its sweet dishes.

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